Why work for Harmony Bay Wellness?

High paying, reliable income

Our hourly rates are higher than you will find among the national online therapy services and we have a steady flow of new patients to keep your caseload as full as you want it to be. We also offer opportunities to earn healthcare premium stipends and provide accrued sick time.

Set your schedule

You set the number of hours you work or the caseload you want to carry, allowing for opportunities for both full-time income and supplemental earnings based on what works best for you. You can set a schedule based on your availability.

Focus on therapy with no overhead expenses

We take care of marketing, intake, billing, IT, and more, so you can focus on providing great care. This also means you are free of the overhead expenses of managing your own practice.

No intake appointments

We complete client intakes to ensure an appropriate level of care and compatibility between therapist and client. When a new client is assigned to you, they are ready to begin therapy sessions.

Work from home

Our easy to use telehealth platform allows you to work 100% from home. We also offer remote tech support and training to ensure you are fully supported in your job.

Our team is on a mission to transform how people suffering from behavioral health conditions receive care, enabling them to live a full life. We are the antidote to the stigma that has surrounded mental health.

Learn more about our mission and vision.


How is therapy delivered at Harmony Bay?

Our fee-for-service providers and prescribers deliver care through our telehealth platform, Mend. We only deliver therapy sessions via video. We do not offer care via telephone or texting.

How do I earn stipends for healthcare premiums?

Providers and prescribers earn healthcare premium stipends by maintaining set caseloads each month. The higher the caseload, the more earning potential.

Can I keep my full-time job while being a provider at Harmony Bay?

Yes. You set your schedule and caseload. Harmony Bay is a great option for therapists looking to supplement their income.

Can I work evenings and weekends?

Yes. Many of our clients have daytime commitments that make seeing a therapist during busines hours challenging. There is plenty of opportunity for our providers to see clients in the evening or on the weekend.


  • Licensed in the state of New Jersey (note: you can be located outside of New Jersey, but must be within the US)
  • LPC, LCSW, or LMFT required
  • Experience in providing individual therapy for adults
  • Commitment of 10 hours per week
  • Reliable internet connection
  • Professional workspace free from noise and distraction
  • Submission of a fully completed, signed CAQH application
  • Individual NPI number

Get Started

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Harmony Bay Wellness therapist. Our clinician recruiting team will reach out soon if your qualifications are a match.

For more information, feel free to
contact our recruiter, Rachel Lawler.