Dylan Cleary, LSW


Locations: Telehealth; and, Laurel Springs, NJ

About Dylan Cleary

Dylan has experience working with both adults and adolescents from diverse backgrounds. When working with clients, Dyan implements the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) or Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT). As the client-therapist relationship is a collaborative process, Dylan would use the most beneficial modality to the client’s situation, as each client is unique. Beyond his use of implementing either modality, he is also a big advocate for the use of self-care, as this is an area he believes most of us seem to neglect. He thinks it is vital that we check in with ourselves from time to time, assess how we are doing, and be mindful of our limits. Practicing self-care is a great way to “recharge your battery.” He enjoys partaking in self-care methods like going on hikes, practicing mindfulness, and exploring new places to eat.

Treatment Specialties

Education and Certifications

  • Obtained my LSW in 2021
  • Obtained my Master of Social Work from Rutgers University in 2021
  • Obtained my B.S. in Psychology from Rowan University in 2019

Throughout Dylan’s educational career, there is one practice that has stuck out to him more than others, and that is mindfulness. He likes it so much that it has become something that he tries to practice as often as he can. One of the reasons he is so fond of mindfulness is most likely due to its versatility. It can help aid in falling asleep, reduce stress, help with anxiety, and much more. One of the great things about it, is that majority of the exercises are easy to do and do not require a significant amount of time to complete.

Why are you passionate about providing mental healthcare?

Dylan is passionate about providing mental healthcare because of its transformative ability. One’s mental state can influence multiple aspects of someone’s life, further showcasing the importance of keeping your mental health a top priority. Knowing that he can work with his clients on achieving/maintaining a good mental state is just one of the greatest feelings.