Julia Kelly, LCSW 


Locations: Telehealth; and, Clementon, NJ

About Julia Kelly

Julia is committed to providing honest, respectful, and thoughtful treatment to best serve the needs of her clients. Her work with individuals is strength-based and client-centered. Having a nurturing and supportive outlet for her clients is imperative to the services she provides. She will always meet the clients where they are and help them to identify their own personal strengths to improve other areas that they wish to work on. Julia enjoys the work that she does, but she also enjoys reading, going to the movies, learning new and exciting things, traveling, and spending time with her family and friends. 

Treatment Specialties

Education and Certification

  • 2021 Julia received a certification in Cybersecurity boot camp from NJIT 
  • 2017 Julia received Licensure to practice as a Clinical Social Worker
  • 2011 Julia graduated with my MSW from Rutgers University
  • 2005 Julia received a master’s degree in Human Resources Management from Keller Graduate School
  • 1996 Julia received a B.S in Telecommunications Management
  • 1994 Julia received an associate degree in Computer Information System. Julia enjoys learning and challenging herself in areas that she has a passion for. She has a passion for helping others and for technology. 

Why are you passionate about providing mental healthcare?

Julia is an African American woman who grew up in a household where we she was told “what goes on in this house stays in this house”. She feels that most African American families do not believe in talking about their problems and especially to a person who does not look like them. Julia felt that she could change their mindset if they realized there are people who look like them and probably experienced the same issues or concerns. By doing this she felt they would be more open to therapy, and to realize that it is okay to seek help outside of the home.