Victoria Latini


Locations: Telehealth; and, Clementon, NJ

About Victoria Latini

Having worked in multiple settings, from non-profit to private practice, Victoria has worked with individuals of all ages and diagnoses. She helps clients identify their strengths and explore how to apply them to reduce and overcome their specific challenges. She also incorporates mindfulness-based and wellness-based aspects into most of her practices. Victoria also likes to combine various art therapy and creative techniques as she utilizes them herself for therapeutic and nontherapeutic goals. Everything she recommends and introduces to her clients she has used or done herself and directly experienced the benefits, which she wants to pass on to each individual she works with.

Treatment Specialties

Education and Certification

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Fairleigh Dickinson University (2014)
  • Master’s Degree in Community & Trauma Counseling from Philadelphia University (2016)
  • NJ LAC (2016-2019)
  • NJ LPC (2019-present)

Throughout Victoria’s education, her interests and goals shifted several times. First, it was teaching, then counseling to support veterans and soldiers with PTSD, which led her to her specific graduate program. After working in a non-profit with underserved populations, she realized just how prevalent trauma is in our society and decided to continue working with the general population. Victoria began focusing on Mindfulness and Wellness based counseling techniques, as they were introduced during her education/ She realized many clients want to try various interventions before relying on medication to treat their symptoms. She also is exploring and working towards formal training in Animal Assisted counseling interventions.

Why are you passionate about providing mental healthcare?

Throughout Victoria’s life, mental health was not addressed, discussed, or even mentioned. The stigma around it was massive. As she grew into adulthood she began recognizing just how prevalent it is in our culture and knew she wanted to be a part of the movement to change that. Victoria has always been a helper in some form and has always found joy and happiness in helping others.