man wondering what causes depression

What Causes Depression?

Depression is the most common mental health issue individuals will face in their life. Whether it’s experiencing depressive disorders themselves or helping a friend, family member, or loved one through it, depression impacts millions of individuals every year. Therefore, it makes sense to wonder what causes depression. Unfortunately, there is no clear-cut, simple answer. Instead,…

doctor explaining to older patient medication assisted treatment services

Medication Assisted Treatment Services

Overcoming addiction or substance use disorder is a challenge. For some kinds of substance abuse, like opioids, medication-assisted treatment, or MAT, is necessary. This treatment uses medications, along with counseling, to treat an individual’s addiction and prevent relapse. Typically, professionals use medication-assisted treatment as a means of dealing with opioid addiction from prescription painkillers or…

woman sitting in fetal position not knowing the difference between depression and anxiety

Understanding the Difference Between Depression and Anxiety

Perhaps the two most common mental health issues nearly everyone will experience in their lives is depression and anxiety. Often, the two conditions lead to the other. But depression and anxiety aren’t the same even if their symptoms may overlap. Knowing the difference between depression and anxiety is vital to maintaining and improving mental health.…