Mental health disorders wear down your body, mind, and spirit. When putting your life back together, you need therapies designed to treat all facts of yourself. In addition to a quality mix of traditional psychiatric counseling services such as individual, family therapy, and group therapy, Harmony Bay Wellness providers may recommend holistic treatment methods like yoga.

Frequently Asked Questions About Yoga Therapy

How Does Yoga Therapy Help During Mental Health Treatment?

Yoga has a reputation for healing built through thousands of years of evidence supporting this benefit. Started in ancient India, yoga involves thoughtful movements of your body while quieting your mind. The practice brings you closer to your inner being through multiple methods and forms.

Those struggling with mental health disorders like depression and anxiety often find themselves disconnection of your body and mind. You develop abnormal eating habits because of this disconnection or detachment. In other words, you ignore your most basic inner cues for survival.

For instance, let’s say you or someone you love struggles with a binge eating disorder. You eat to a point of physical discomfort and emotional disruption. You ignore the signs of your body that tell you when to stop eating, or to eat something healthier. You practice ignoring your inner voice and quieting it to allow your fears, darker thoughts and skewed self-image overtake your natural needs.

The same is true with a condition like anxiety. You do not just stop listening to your healthy inner voice, you allow it to focus on illogical thoughts of the disorder. Your brain suffers in malnutrition and allows these thoughts to push through to the surface.

Mental health disorders affect your emotions, thinking, relationships and life in general in many ways. Your body and mind wear down because of your eating disorder.

Yoga therapy serves a very key purpose in your treatment. You receive other therapies focusing on psychological, medical and nutritional healing. However, yoga adds to your health benefits by helping you gain greater awareness of your body’s functions and feelings. After lengthy disconnection between your body and mind, this reconnection helps provide breakthroughs.

How Does Yoga Promote Mindfulness?

Yoga builds on a foundation of mindfulness. This means you focus more deeply on your inner self. You also gain self-awareness in how you relate to others and function in the world.

Through the mindfulness therapy approaches and movements of yoga with or without meditation, you gain self-discipline for your mind and body. As a result of frequent practice, you see physical, mental, spiritual and intellectual health improvement. Studies also show that yoga helps keep you in the moment, key in mindfulness. You naturally reduce your stress, anxiety, mood disorders and depression.

Yoga paired with traditional therapy decreases psychological symptoms and body image disturbances, according to recent studies. Other benefits of yoga include:

  • Increased attention to your body’s functions and feelings
  • Reduced irritability, tension, and pain
  • Improved mood, focus, relaxation, and well-being
  • Greater self-confidence and body image
  • Improved muscle strength, cardio functioning, and flexibility
  • Better sleep patterns and relationships
  • Less impulsivity, irrational thinking, and risky behaviors

As you progress through clinical care at Harmony Bay Wellness, you’ll slowly restore your mind, body, and spirit to full functioning. This healing comes through quality treatment at a peaceful, serene therapy center where you give and receive trust, respect, and hope. Speak to your provider today about how yoga can assist you in your journey to recovery.


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