Properly diagnosing ADHD involves comprehensive testing and assessment by a trained professional at an ADHD testing center. There are many conditions that can present similarly to ADHD such as anxiety, depression, conduct problems, learning disorders, or medical conditions. Although ADHD may also be present it is crucial to assess these areas as well to ensure a proper diagnosis. The ADHD testing center in New Jersey will determine if an individual has symptoms of ADHD and assess the extent to which the symptoms impact significant areas of their life such as school or work, determine if there are other co-occurring disorders such as a physical or mental health condition, determine a diagnosis, and develop treatment recommendations. We offer comprehensive ADHD testing and treatment in a private setting with a trained professional. Learn more about mental health treatment services in NJ.

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What is Involved With ADHD Testing?

ADHD testing may include the following:

  • Interview between a counselor and the patient and/or family
  • Biopsychosocial Assessment including family history
  • Psychological testing
  • Self-report rating scales
  • Behavioral observation
  • Review of school and/or medical records
  • Development of treatment recommendations based on diagnosis

What Types of Questions Will Be Asked in ADHD Testing?

During ADHD testing you may be asked questions such as:

  • Symptoms experienced or observed
  • Behavioral, emotional, social functioning in a variety of settings
  • Reports from family, teachers, or other persons
  • Physical Health Conditions or medical testing completed

What Treatment is Available for ADHD Treatment?

At Harmony Bay Wellness comprehensive ADHD testing will be completed prior to making any treatment recommendations. A trained professional will make treatment recommendations based on the results of their assessment. Together with the professional, you will create a treatment plan. Treatment recommendations may include:

What Types of Medication is Prescribed for ADHD Treatment?

There are several types of medications used to treat ADHD symptoms. Medications available are used to improve focus, attention, concentration, impulses, and other symptoms. The types of medications commonly used to treat ADHD are:

  • Stimulants: examples include Vyvanse, Adderall, Ritalin
  • Nonstimulants: examples include Intuniv, Strattera
  • Antidepressants: examples include Wellbutrin, Effexor

At Harmony Bay Wellness’ ADHD testing center, we provide comprehensive ADHD testing and treatment. If you or your loved one are experiencing symptoms of ADHD and want comprehensive ADHD testing by a trained professional please contact Harmony Bay Wellness today.

What Other Therapeutic Resources are Available at Harmony Bay?

Located in Southern New Jersey, Harmony Bay Wellness offers individualized treatment that brings you back to your inner spirit, a healthier mindset and physical wellness. Along with ADHD testing, we also offer:

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