Harmony Bay Wellness provides comprehensive telehealth services for patients in South Jersey. We offer a variety of tools that allow us to manage your health care and give you the services you need. We use digital information and communication technology to provide you with access to healthcare services remotely from any computer, phone, or another device. Also, by using telehealth services, we can improve the level of mental health treatment that we provide for you.

The Benefits of Telehealth Services South Jersey

telehealth servicesOur telehealth services allow you to:

  • Use your phone or other devices to access information about dietary needs, medications and dosages, medical reports, and other data
  • Access resources such as datasheets, videos, education sources, and patient libraries full of useful information
  • Download apps to help you understand your condition and how to handle certain aspects of your treatment
  • Access an online patient portal where you can see test results, schedule your next appointment, or even request refills from your doctor
  • Order testing supplies or medications online instead of driving to your pharmacist.
  • Schedule reminders for medication schedules, appointments, or other important upcoming events
  • In essence, these and other benefits can help you get the best healthcare while interacting with your Harmony Bay Wellness doctor so that you never feel like you are battling your mental condition alone.

Mental Health Treatment Services We Provide

Telehealth services allow Harmony Bay Wellness to provide better treatment for you with accurate real-time data that you can view any time. In addition to telehealth services, our mental health and wellness treatment center in South Jersey also offers:

Accessing Your Telehealth Services Patient Portal

As a Harmony Bay Wellness patient, you will have your own patient portal where you can perform a wide range of tasks using easy online tools. Also, your online portal is private and secure— only you can access your personal information.

Additionally, through your online portal, you can communicate with your doctor or nurse, request a prescription refill, look at test or assessment results, or schedule your next appointment. One of the best aspects of the online portal is that it puts you in touch with your doctor better than an email or leaving a voicemail. In addition, you can even schedule virtual appointments that allow you to see your doctor using any device from any remote location.

Remote Monitoring

Your Harmony Bay Wellness doctor can monitor your progress, physical health, or mental health using remote technology. For instance, using a web-based or mobile app, you can provide information for your data upon request. In addition, you can also wear a device that automatically sends alerts back to your doctor in case something goes wrong. These tools give us the ability to provide premier telehealth services in South Jersey. Also, we can make sure that you are at your best at all times.

Find Out More About Telehealth Services in South Jersey

If you are interested in finding out more about the features and benefits of telehealth services, then contact Harmony Bay Wellness today. In addition, we offer a wide range of mental health therapies for patients who have psychiatric conditions. Call us at 855.765.6399 to schedule your next appointment or come in for a consultation.