Many mental health therapy facilities have learned the benefits of clients combining holistic therapy with traditional therapy. As a result, therapists recommending services such as art therapy gained popularity in helping people overcome mental illness. However, not a lot of people understand why art therapy is helpful in recovery. As they learn more about it, the benefits become clearer.

What Is Art Therapy?

woman needs a yoga therapy program to overcome depressionFirst of all, it’s important to know more about this specific type of therapy before learning its benefits. Broadly speaking, art therapy is a holistic treatment method. With that said, some experts refer to it as an integrative mental health service. Regardless of the name, the goal remains to enrich people’s lives through the creation of art.

During an art therapy program, people focus on the act of making art. While they create, they must focus on the overall process. Therapists use human experience and talk therapies to create a strong relationship with the participants.

While this process might sound technical, the idea behind therapeutic art is simple. Using art, therapists create a restorative environment that spurs on the healing process. However, people get several benefits from engaging in an art therapy program New Jersey has to offer.

Benefits of Art Counseling

When people enroll in an art therapy program, they might not know what to expect. In truth, the program can help those with mental disorders and substance use disorders.

Unfortunately, there’s little scientific proof to back up the effectiveness of art counseling. The reason is that Western medicine doesn’t put much funding into holistic research. Despite that, therapists continue to use therapeutic art. The reason is that they see the results for themselves.

The studies that people have done, however, show that art therapy has a lot to offer. A 2015 study found that it improves people’s perception of the world around them. In short, it helped the participants connect their bodily awareness with their emotions. For that reason, finding an art therapy program Utah offers may be important for many people who want to recover.

Yet, this study found even more benefits. It helped the participants express emotions that they couldn’t talk about. Some of them found it easier to put their feelings in drawings. In some cases, they expressed feelings that they didn’t even know were there.

Furthermore, an art therapy program New Jersey has to offer can help people regulate their emotions. The study found that, through art, they can express themselves freely. Because of that, they didn’t build up and store stress or negative emotions. In this way, art therapy worked as an outlet for them to release troubling emotions.


At Harmony Bay Wellness, our therapists understand the importance of holistic treatment, such as art therapy. For that reason, our therapists may recommend art therapy outside of our traditional therapy services. Ask your therapist about the benefits of art therapy today.

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