We are social creatures. From the moment we’re born, the roles we play in groups shape us. We’re members of families, neighborhoods, classrooms, schools, companies, and peer groups. Clearly, humans thrive within group settings. Even those who identify as introverts or who have a tendency to be shy and withdrawn still participate as members of groups. For these reasons, a group therapy program can be highly beneficial for clients battling mental health disorders. A strong group therapy program plays an important role in most mental health therapy services in South Jersey, like the one offered at Harmony Bay Wellness.

group of people sitting around at a group therapy programThe Many Benefits of a Group Therapy Program

Research has shown that group therapy in South Jersey as part of treatment for mental health or substance use disorders yields positive results. Within a group setting, clients witness the recovery of others who are reaching for the same goals. They find others with whom to identify, which fosters a feeling of inclusion. They may be confronted for unrealistic or magical thinking by others who’ve done it themselves. Also, they may learn new social skills or more positive ways of interacting with peers. Clearly, the benefits of a strong group therapy program are many, including:

  • Preventing or removing feelings of isolation
  • Providing comfort, sympathy, and understanding
  • Lessening feelings of guilt, shame, denial, or depression
  • Fostering self-expression
  • Educating clients on their disease

Typically, clients in recovery from mental health disorders in South Jersey experience better outcomes when they participate in regular group therapy. Thus, if you’re struggling with your mental health or with a co-occurring substance use disorder, reach out to Harmony Bay Wellness today.

Group Therapy Program Types

Therapists utilize five major forms of group counseling in the treatment of mental health and substance use disorder in South Jersey. First, there are cognitive-behavioral groups that help clients redirect negative thinking patterns. Then, skills development groups teach healthy coping and recovery behaviors. Third, support groups offer input and support from peers who are also in recovery. Also, Psycho-educational groups educate clients about substance use disorder. Finally, interpersonal process groups help clients confront their pasts and re-direct their futures.

The best group therapy programs incorporate several or all of these settings during mental health treatment. Because they show clients how others handle and overcome problems similar to their own, these groups are important parts of recovery. For example, they help clients discover new resources, methods, and techniques to aid in recovery. Also, groups add structure to the lives of people who live largely unstructured. They allow a single therapist to help multiple clients at one time. If you’re searching for a strong treatment approach to mental wellness in South Jersey, a group therapy program like the one offered at Harmony Bay Wellness is a solid choice.

Explore Harmony Bay Wellness

Group therapy in South Jersey is only a single component of mental health treatment at Harmony Bay Wellness. Thus, we offer comprehensive treatment for a full range of mental health disorders. For example, we provide:

  • Dual diagnosis
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Grief
  • Panic and anxiety disorders
  • Post-traumatic stress
  • Postpartum depression

If you feel overwhelmed by anxiety, sadness, mania, confusion, or loss of purpose, you may be suffering from a fully treatable mental health condition. Harmony Bay Wellness can set you back on the path to recovery. Our facility features a bright, positive environment, group counseling, and the highest quality outpatient care in the area. Further, our experienced and compassionate Harmony Bay team has the resources you need to feel whole and well again. Contact us today at 855.765.6399 for quality treatment and group therapy in South Jersey.