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Jaclyn DeLauretis, MPH, PA-C

Physician Assistant


New Jersey


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Jaclyn strives to be a caring and empathetic health care professional who enjoys improving patients’ quality of life. Every patient of hers should know she encourages open and honest communication. She is determined to remain nonjudgmental, so every patient feels comfortable speaking to her about their concerns. Jaclyn practices a whole-patient treatment model because it is vital to understand that many factors can affect one’s mental health. She also incorporates a team-based approach to care to meet all of the patient’s needs. Jaclyn’s professional experience has included working in inpatient and outpatient settings treating addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders for five years. She was previously a nursing director who supervised LPNs and RNs. She assisted a CEO of an inpatient rehabilitation facility in writing policies and procedures to get licensed by the state and ultimately became the head of the detoxification unit. Jaclyn has helped train Physician Assistant students by allowing them to shadow her during work hours. When she is not helping patients, she loves spending time with and taking care of animals.


New Jersey

Credentials, Qualifications and Languages
  • Bachelor of Science in Physician Assistant Studies- Pennsylvania College of Technology

  • Master of Public Health – Concentration in Health Policy and Management- Kent State University

  • NCCPA Board Certification

Jaclyn graduated Magna Cum Laude at Pennsylvania College of Technology and obtained a 4.0 GPA at Kent State University. She is a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society. As a Physician Assistant student, Jaclyn discovered her passion for learning and combating public health problems. Once she entered the workforce, she found out that addiction and mental health disorders were skyrocketing at an unprecedented level. she noticed a lack of available services and health care providers willing to treat these problems. At this time, Jaclyn became fully involved in tackling these issues and treating the suffering patients and in need of help. These public health problems are harming our communities and are destroying lives. Jaclyn plans to continue learning about the newest and best treatments and therapies for her patients.

Why Healthcare

Jaclyn believes that mental health affects every aspect of your life and that it is necessary to have compassionate and empathetic providers you can turn to when you feel like the world is falling apart around you. She has seen unpleasant encounters between providers and patients that were true eye-openers for her. It was heartbreaking to see patients being belittled and suffering. So Jaclyn made it her goal to become a Physician Assistant that listens and tries to understand. She wants to give every patient the best quality of care possible.

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