daughter talking to her new anxiety therapist in Salem County NJ

Does My Daughter Need an Anxiety Therapist?

Seeing your daughter struggle with anxiety can be frightening for any parent. Yet, it is something that can happen to anyone. At Harmony Bay Wellness near Salem County, NJ, our team can provide you with the support and guidance necessary to get through this situation. Our anxiety therapist is always available to discuss the needs…

woman with anxiety needing an anxiety therapist near blackwood nj

Manage Anxiety with an Anxiety Therapist Near Blackwood NJ

Anxiety is something many people feel when navigating through life. When it gets to the point where those feelings start impacting how you live, you could be suffering from something more serious. Individuals living with a true anxiety disorder find themselves confronting feelings of worry and fear to an excessive degree. It’s hard to get the…

woman grabbing her hair needing an ADHD therapist near berlin nj

Receive Treatment from an ADHD Therapist Near Berlin NJ

Many children and some adults suffer from attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Common traits exhibited by patients treated for ADHD include difficulty focusing, excessive movements in setting that doesn’t call for them, and impulsive behavior. At Harmony Bay Wellness, our ADHD therapists near Berlin, NJ, offer people the chance to manage their disorder. Find out more about…

anxiety therapist near Berlin NJ taking notes during session

Manage Your Anxiety with an Anxiety Therapist Near Berlin, NJ

It’s normal to experience feelings of anxiety occasionally. However, if it persists to the point where you find yourself losing control, you may require treatment from an anxiety therapist near Berlin, NJ. People suffering from an anxiety disorder have a real medication that should receive treatment from a medical professional. You’ll find qualified anxiety therapists…

woman talking to Depression Therapist Near Berlin nj

Treatment from Depression Therapist Near Berlin, NJ

Depression is a medical condition that causes people to view the world around them in a negative light. While it’s common for people to experience periods of sadness or self-doubt, but depression often lasts longer. It also alters an individual’s perspective of what’s happening around them. If someone experiences persistent sadness for more than two…

Tips for coping with anxiety returning to college during covid

6 Tips for Coping with Anxiety About Returning to College During COVID-19

When COVID-19 first started, colleges across the country closed in efforts to help flatten the curve. If you are a college student (or any student for that matter), you were forced to leave your familiar routines behind. Classroom learning quickly transitioned to online learning, which created new struggles for many students, as online learning isn’t…