Uros Koprivica

Uros Koprivica, APN

Psychiatric Advanced Practice Nurse

Locations: Telehealth; and, Clementon, NJ

About Uros Koprivica

Uros’ interest in mental health grew while taking psychology courses at Goucher College.  He initially worked as a counselor, eventually deciding to pursue a career in nursing after working in a children’s residential treatment center.  He has worked in nursing with a variety of individuals and families since graduating from Salisbury University in 2002.  He started his career as a nurse practitioner at the Philadelphia Prison System in 2007 after graduating with a 4.0 GPA from the University of Maryland.  For eight years, he worked at Rutgers University Behavioral Health, where he developed an interest in working with persons who have co-occurring addiction and mental health needs; while there, he received an award for his clinical work.  Uros has taught at Rutgers University, mentored nurse practitioner students, and has been on faculty at Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine.

He is a Marylander of Serbian descent.  He moved to New Jersey in 2006.  In his free time, he enjoys fishing and being in nature.

Education and Certifications

  • Master’s Degree, University of Maryland
  • ANCC certification
  • BSN, Salisbury University
  • BA, Goucher College

Uros’s interests throughout his career have been in child psychiatry, crisis management, psychiatric services in correctional facilities, and in treatment of co-occurring psychiatric disorders with addiction.  More recently, he has been interested in psychosomatic medicine and neuropsychiatry.  He has been awarded a Master Clinical Award while working at Rutgers’s University.

Why are you passionate about providing mental healthcare?

Psychiatric disorders are often invisible to those around the person who suffers from them, yet the impact on the afflicted person can be tremendous.  I believe that lessening the impact of psychiatric illness on the lives of patients and their loved ones is important work. Providing care for those who are seeking treatment is a privilege