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Telehealth Troubleshooting

Telehealth has become one of the most useful and successful ways to maintain positive mental health when individuals cannot meet face-to-face with their counselor or therapist. At Harmony Bay, we offer comprehensive telehealth services covering nearly all of our therapies and as a part of many of our mental health and substance use disorder treatment programs.


With how popular and important this kind of access is, individuals must clearly understand how to troubleshoot any problems or issues with their telehealth sessions.

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Retrieve your Mend email

Login to your email provider, using the email account provided to Harmony Bay when you setup an appointment with the Admissions team. You will receive an email from If you do not see it in your inbox, check your spam folder.


Connect to Mend using your computer, phone, or tablet

To quickly connect to Mend on your computer phone, or tablet, click the start your visit link directly from the email. You will be prompted to enter your date of birth. If you are using a phone or tablet you can download and use the Mend app if you prefer, but it is not required. To conduct your session via the app, first open the Mend app. Click Join Visit and enter the session code from the email you received. Once you click 'JOIN VISIT' you will be taken to a screen that outlines your upcoming session. Once you have read through the text, click 'Continue'.


You are now connected, your provider will be on soon

Once you reach the screen below, you will know you have successfully connected to your session. Your provider has been notified that you are waiting and he or she will join you shortly.


Expand your screen for easier viewing

Once the provider appears, we suggest clicking the arrows in the top right of the picture to expand the video, this will allow the provider's full picture to be shown.


Adjust your settings

If you experience issues with your video or audio, you may need to adjust your settings. (Select the gear icon on the right side of your screen)


Open the chat or receive files from your provider

he Blue arrow to the right can expand a section that includes the ability to chat with the provider and for the provider to share files with you. (Select the blue arrow to open the chat box and the ability to receive files)


End your session

When your session is finished click on the red phone to end your session.

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Refresh your browser

If you’re having trouble connecting to the session or hearing and seeing other participants first, try refreshing your browser (hit F5 or the refresh icon on the address bar).


Click the 'Need Help?' icon

If refreshing your browser does not fix the issue, click on the 'Need Help?' icon 2 in the top right corner of Mend.


Enter your information

Enter your email address and name, then click Start.


Click on 'I need technical support'

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Submit your question

Click “Click here to start typing your question”.


Communicate your issues with the Mend team

Clearly communicate your issues with the Mend team for fast resolution. Please follow their recommended steps for best results.


Should you have continued difficulty getting into your telehealth session, reach out to us at 855.765.6399, and our support team will gladly walk you through the process.