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What is Mental Health Group Therapy?

Nancy MacGregor MA, ATR-BC, LPC, ACS, Clinical Director

If you are someone who wants to be around people who are going through similar experiences, group therapy in South Jersey might be beneficial. Group therapy is when you meet with a trained mental health professional along with at least two other people. Groups can vary in size but are often kept to a maximum of 10 people to ensure everyone has a chance to participate. There are also two types of groups: closed groups and open groups. Closed groups are attended by the same group of people each week or whenever the meetings are. On the other end of it, open groups are open to the public and anyone can join. Group therapy might not be for everybody, however, there are some serious benefits that can come from it.

What are the benefits of group therapy?

There are many benefits to participating in group therapy and everyone will take something different away from it. Here are just some examples of benefits you may experience if you join a group session.

  1. Provides extra support and guidance – Individual therapy sessions are great for diving deep into feelings and situations. But group therapy is great when you need some extra support, which is provided by other group members as well as a mental health professional. If you are participating in group therapy for stress or group therapy for anxiety, everyone is there for the same reason and can help support you and make you know that you are not alone in your struggles.
  2. Promotes communication and learned skills – Have you been working on being a better communicator? Or maybe you’re ready to finally practice the coping mechanisms you worked on in individual therapy. Practice makes perfect and group therapy gives you a safe and encouraging environment to do just that.
  3. Builds relationships and social skills – Group therapy helps reduce the sense of isolation and gets you interacting with others. Since you may notice shared experiences in one another, it gives you a chance to connect and build meaningful relationships, if that is something you want.
  4. Sharing can be healing – Sometimes by sharing the thoughts swirling inside of your head can be all the therapy you need. Additionally, if someone else is expressing difficulty with a situation that you’ve previously experienced, it gives you the opportunity to help provide your perspective.

Getting the most out of group therapy

Each group may have its own set of rules that participants must follow. This can help set expectations and help everyone in the group understand what their role is. One thing that is for certain, the more you contribute, the more you will get out of it. Now, there will be some days that you may not feel like participating, and that’s okay. When you do decide to share your experiences, just remember that you never know how meaningful it can be to someone else.

Group therapy in South Jersey

Harmony Bay Wellness offers group therapy for stress or group therapy for anxiety. Located in South Jersey, our dedicated mental health professionals provide a safe space for you to grow. If you or a loved one is interested in group therapy, contact us today at 855.857.6050.

Treatment with Harmony Bay

Harmony Bay is an outpatient behavioral health service that offers primary mental health treatment for a variety of mental health disorders. Our mission is to make mental health care convenient and affordable while providing an unmatched experience to our clients. contact us today by calling 855.765.6399.