student wearing mask managing anxiety about COVID and returning to school

6 Ways to Manage Anxiety Around Your Child Going Back to School During COVID-19

If you are a parent, you may be wondering how your kid can return to school safely in the Fall during the COVID-19 pandemic. Both children and parents are feeling the major disruptions COVID-19 has caused in their daily routines. Face-to-face learning is critical in maximizing learning opportunities for children. However, with social distancing measures…

Tips for coping with anxiety returning to college during covid

6 Tips for Coping with Anxiety About Returning to College During COVID-19

When COVID-19 first started, colleges across the country closed in efforts to help flatten the curve. If you are a college student (or any student for that matter), you were forced to leave your familiar routines behind. Classroom learning quickly transitioned to online learning, which created new struggles for many students, as online learning isn’t…