Mindfulness meditation teaches us to live in the present moment and focus on our breathing as a form of relaxation. The goal of mindful meditation is a feeling of inner peace and relaxation. Meditation has been practiced all over the world for thousands of years and has become popular in recent years as a form of alternative medicine to treat mental health disorders.

A lot of times, people find themselves daydreaming, planning, thinking negative thoughts, and problem-solving throughout the day. According to studies, when you retrain your mind to be mindful, you are restructuring the model of your brain. Learning mindfulness meditation takes time and practice but can help you calm your mind and refocus.

What Are the Benefits of Mindful Meditation?

individual practicing Mindfulness Meditation Mindful meditation can be practiced almost anywhere but it is often paired with yoga. All you need is 5-10 minutes a day and a place that is calm and quiet. There are many benefits to meditation both physically and mentally. This includes decreased insomnia, reduced anxiety, depression, and stress. Some studies have even shown that meditation can reduce chronic pain. Just one session of mindful meditation can improve your mental state. There are many ways to practice meditation throughout the day, such as:

  • Setting aside time for yourself
  • Observing the present moment
  • Letting your judgments roll by
  • Feeling and focusing on your breath
  • Being kind to your wandering mind

Through daily practice of meditation, you may feel calmer, more patient, and kinder.

How Is Mindful Meditation Incorporated at Harmony Bay Wellness?

To learn more about incorporating mindfulness meditation into your treatment plan, call Harmony Bay Wellness to discuss with a knowledgeable staff member. Harmony Bay wellness utilizes an individualized and holistic approach. Meditation may be used along with psychotherapy to decrease anxiety, depression, stress, and insomnia.


Harmony Bay Wellness offers individualized mental health treatment in New Jersey that brings you back to your inner spirit, a healthier mindset, and physical wellness. Some therapeutic services we offer include:

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