woman standing up to applause during the alcoholism treatment program for alcoholism treatment in new jerseyAddiction to alcohol is one of the most common substance abuse problems in the country. Because it’s available at almost every social event, restaurant, and sporting event, most people don’t realize the danger alcohol poses until it’s far too late. If you are one of the millions of people worldwide who struggle with alcoholism, the alcoholism treatment program in New Jersey could be the key to solving your problems.

Reach out to experts at Harmony Bay Wellness to learn how we can treat your alcohol dependency with intensive outpatient treatment programs in South Jersey

What are the Signs of Alcoholism? 

When you’re wondering about alcoholism, the first step is figuring out if you are struggling with alcoholism. Maybe your friends or family have made an ultimatum. Perhaps your work performance has been slipping for some time, due to the compulsion to drink. You could wake up in the morning with withdrawal symptoms, and you feel sick until you have another drink. If these situations sound familiar, you need alcohol treatment in South Jersey. 

There are several other symptoms of alcoholism, including:

  • Not being able to limit your alcohol intake
  • Wanting to cut down on the amount of alcohol you drink, but being unable to do so
  • Developing a tolerance, so you need to drink more to feel the “buzz” 
  • Giving up hobbies or a job, so you have more time to drink
  • Continuing to drink, though it’s causing problems
  • Feeling like you need to drink

If you’re struggling with two or more of these symptoms, it’s time to get help. At our alcoholism treatment in New Jersey, we can help you. 

Why Choose Harmony Bay

The staff at Harmony Bay knows that alcoholism isn’t your fault. Today, most medical professionals agree that alcoholism isn’t a choice people make. It’s a disease, and like any disease, you need medical help to heal. 

As such, we offer our patients a variety of treatment options. We tailor those options to fit the needs of the person getting the treatment. As a result, you know you’re getting the best. 

Another fantastic thing about the alcoholism treatment in New Jersey is that we offer our clients medication-assisted detox treatment in South Jersey. The detoxification process can be painful, particularly for those who struggle with alcoholism. Withdrawing from alcohol can have many uncomfortable and, at times, dangerous side effects. These can range from aching and nausea to hallucinations and seizures. Many people are reluctant to get treatment for alcoholism due to this. 

However, when you get alcoholism treatment in South Jersey, we provide you with medication during the withdrawal process. With this, you can withdraw from alcohol comfortably and safely.

During this time, you can also get individual and group therapy programs in NJ. In this arena, you can learn why you suffer from alcoholism, and start working on coping mechanisms to combat your triggers. Our highly trained staff will work with you and help you work through your cravings during the withdrawal process. This care and consideration will continue during the treatment process. You will not be alone on your journey to recovery.  

Get Help From our Alcoholism Treatment Program 

At Harmony Bay, we’re not afraid to tackle the significant issues. We know that there are many factors that drive you to use alcohol. For that reason, in addition to our alcoholism treatment program, we also offer several other treatment programs, including

For more information about alcoholism treatment in New Jersey, contact Harmony Bay Wellness at 855.765.6399. We will work with you to find a treatment program that is right for you. Contact our alcoholism treatment in South Jersey today to begin the first chapter in your new life.