Medications are frequently prescribed to stabilize, reduce, or eliminate mental health symptoms. Medications may be prescribed alone or in conjunction with therapy to support an individual in their recovery. Medication management is the ongoing process of meeting with a prescriber to evaluate mental health symptoms, formulate an appropriate highly individualized medication treatment plan, routinely review the effectiveness of the medication on target symptoms, and assess for side effects.

What Are the Benefits of Medication Management at Harmony Bay Wellness?

At Harmony Bay Wellness, we offer medication management services that work for the individual and their needs. You will meet with a caring and qualified Psychiatrist or Psychiatric Practitioner to address your medication needs regularly.

Medications that have many benefits including:

  • Stabilization, reduction, or elimination of mental health symptoms
  • Improvement in daily functioning
  • Reduction in relapse

When going through recovery, it is important to gain the skills to stay clean after the program is completed. Staying clean can be the hardest part for some, and the desire to use again can be strong. Medication management can help control those urges early, so when the time comes, our patients can get clean and stay clean.

What Types of Medications Are Prescribed At Harmony Bay Wellness?

a doctor explaining medication management to a patient

At Harmony Bay Wellness, we use different types of medications to treat a variety of conditions. Some of the types of medications that we offer include:

  • Antidepressants: Treat depression, but can also treat anxiety or insomnia
  • Mood Stabilizers: Treat mood disorders such as Bipolar disorder or other mental health disorders causing mood swings
  • Antipsychotics: Commonly treat schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorders but treat Bipolar disorder
  • Anti-anxiety Agents: Treat the symptoms of anxiety, which may include panic disorders, or constant worry or fear
  • Stimulants: Used to treat ADHD and improve concentration and alertness
  • MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment): Several types of medications which support individuals in their recovery from Opioids or Alcohol Use disorder

Medications treat a variety of other mental health conditions or symptoms, such as PTSD and insomnia at Harmony Bay Wellness. If you or your loved one have been considering treatment for a mental health condition and want to explore medications, now is the time to call Harmony Bay Wellness. It’s not uncommon to want to try different rehabilitation methods before you find the one best for you. Medication management has produced results for many people. It’s never too late to give it a try.

What Other Therapeutic Services Are Available at Harmony Bay Wellness?

Located in South Jersey, Harmony Bay Wellness offers individualized treatment that brings you back to your inner spirit, a healthier mindset, and physical wellness. We want to help you live the healthiest life possible. Along with nutrition & diet, we also offer:

Find out what sets Harmony Bay Wellness apart from other mental health facilities. There are a number of treatment options that we offer at Harmony Bay Wellness. Find the option right for you and make the call to Harmony Bay Wellness at 855.765.6399.  Get the help you need today.