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Harmony Bay TeleHealth

Harmony Bay Wellness provides comprehensive telehealth service to the South Jersey area. We’re able to offer you access to top-quality care from your phone, tablet, or other smart device, plus access to apps and additional information to help you manage your condition.

Among the conditions we can address at Harmony Bay with the telehealth platform are:

About Telepsychiatry

Of all the branches of medicine, mental health is among the best-suited for telehealth. Talk therapy is, at its core, an intimate conversation between psychiatrist or therapist and patient. It doesn’t require much more than time and a place to see a psychiatrist or therapist. While some may prefer to undergo therapy in person, it’s by no means required. And sometimes, it’s impractical.

Telehealth, offers patients three significant
benefits over regular in-office meetings. 


For quick access, be seen by a licensed therapist or psychiatrist on your computer or mobile device.


We know you’re busy with life, scheduling a mental health appointment just got easier. We meet you where you’re at with telehealth, no transit time!


Enjoy your Harmony Bay Wellness appointment from the comfort of your home or office.


If you have a smart phone, tablet, or computer, you can use our telehealth portal for all your mental health needs.


No need to jump in your car and spend money on fuel and tolls driving to our center.


Our clinicians, therapists, APNs, and psychiatrists are licensed in the state of New Jersey.

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As shown above, we offer comprehensive therapy options to help with the challenges of coping with Mental Health.

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