couple on couch in family issues therapyFamily can be defined as a group of people related to one another through ancestry, marriage, or adoption. As with any group of people, it is common and natural for family members to go through periods of both happiness and difficulties. Family issues are challenging, and conflicts are a part of family life. Family issues can result in strain, discomfort, and hardship among the family as a unit. Thus, Harmony Bay Wellness offers family issues therapy to help repair and strengthen relationships.

What Are Common Issues?

The cause of family issues vary. Some of the most common family issues include:

  • Lack of family cohesion
  • Major life transitions such as moving or parental divorce
  • Unemployment or financial problems
  • Death of a loved one
  • Family disagreements or arguments
  • Health concerns of a family member
  • Mental health or addiction difficulties of a family member

What’s Involved in Family Issues Therapy?

When one or more family members experience challenging or difficult times, it can affect the entire family unit. Treatment for all types of family issues can include individual and family therapy. Individual therapy provides a safe, nurturing and non-judgmental space to process family difficulties.

Family therapy is another important therapy service geared toward treating the family unit. Family therapy programs can assist with communication difficulties, coping with recent changes, providing the space to process any difficulties and increase connection among the family.

What Are My Next Steps in Getting Help For Family Issues?

When you’re looking for the best family issues treatment New Jersey provides, look no further than Harmony Bay Wellness. Our professionals are dedicated to not only helping all clients live productive lives, but they’re also advocates for reversing the stigma of mental illness in the country. We are proud to provide a variety of mental health treatment services in South Jersey to give our patients the care and support they need and deserve.

Our diverse mental health treatments include:

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