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3 Signs A Loved One Needs a Depression Therapist

Nancy MacGregor MA, ATR-BC, LPC, ACS, Clinical Director

When the people we love hurt, we hurt. It is incredibly difficult to watch a loved one struggle but cannot help them out of their darkness. You can’t find the right words to snap a friend or family member out of depression because a few right words rarely exist. But that’s not to say all is lost. A quality depression therapist you can trust is waiting for you at Harmony Bay Wellness. We’re devoted to helping people work through their depression and find the right strategies or treatments to move forward into a better tomorrow.

You can do for your loved one to help guide them in making that decision to seek professional help. Start by knowing how to recognize the signs of depression:

3 Signs a Loved One Needs a Depression Therapist

  1. Isolation and no longer enjoying things they once loved. Maybe your loved one used to join you camping once a month, or they had a regular board game week they enjoyed and took part in, only they’ve slowly stopped going to those once-loved activities. Or when they do go, they don’t show the same interest. While it is normal for one to change interests in activities as one age and experience other things, the combination of losing interest in once-loved activities and an increase in self-isolation is a big warning sign of depression.
  2. Increased use (abuse) of substances. A friend that went from the occasional drink at social gatherings to posting barhopping selfies may be showing a need for help. Substances like alcohol, weed, and other drugs can be okay in moderation, but if your loved one is slipping from occasional use to dependent need, there is something larger they are trying to deal with and need help.
  3. Unhealthy behavior on social media. This warning sign of depression often ties in with the aforementioned one: the more one drinks or consumes other substances, the more their inhibitions falter. They do things like posting questionable selfies or exhibiting other unhealthy behavior on social media. A loved one who suddenly gets obsessed with platforms like TikTok or Twitter may seek to fill a void felt by depression.

Treatment for Depression

A depression therapist in Cedar Brook, NJ, can provide your loved ones work through their issues, determine what is causing their depression, and help them overcome it. In some cases, depression therapy in which your loved one talks with a therapist skilled in depression psychiatry will be all that’s necessary.

However, in most cases, a depression psychiatrist will recommend depression medication in concert with a therapy treatment plan. An antidepressant drug can help soothe the pain a loved one feels and help get them more motivated to enter therapy sessions. Depression therapy sessions may occur solely as one-on-one sessions with a depression therapist, or the therapist may recommend combining group therapy classes with their regular appointments.

The only way for a depression psychiatrist to know what’s right for a patient is by performing a consultation to determine the acuity of the depressed state and whether there might be any co-occurring mental health disorders or substance use disorders that will likewise require treatment. Once this consultation has been performed, the psychiatrist can diagnose and recommend the right tailored treatment plan.

Get Your Loved One the Help They Need

Have you witnessed the warning signs of depression in your loved one? If so, then consider now the time to act. Reach out to our team near Cedar Brook, NJ today for helpful resources you can give your loved one as you encourage them to make an appointment and make that first move out of their depression.

Treatment with Harmony Bay

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