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Types of Depressive Disorders

Nancy MacGregor MA, ATR-BC, LPC, ACS, Clinical Director

Depression is the most common mental health issue people from all walks of life face. It is a mood disorder whose negative effects impact an individual both mentally and physically. But while many of us believe we are familiar with depression, it may be surprising to discover there are several types of depression. Although these depressive disorders are similar, they affect individuals in very different ways. Therefore, to know what kind of mental health therapy would be the most appropriate, we need to understand what such depressive disorders entail. Fortunately, Harmony Bay Wellness has a compassionate staff with experience treating a wide range of mental health issues.


Depression isn’t merely feeling intensely sad. Nor is it simply being negative or gloomy. Rather, it is a persistent dampening of emotions, a dulling of the senses causing individuals to feel empty, worthless, and hopeless. The longer this mood disorder is left untreated, the more mental and physical harm it inflicts on individuals. Like any illness, depressive disorders need to be properly treated, or it is highly unlikely the individual will return to health. However, the first step in treating depression is identifying what kind of depressive disorder an individual is enduring. Some of the most common depressive disorders include:

  • Clinical depression: Also called major depression or major depressive disorder, this is what most refer to when talking about the disorder. Individuals lose their desire and ability to experience pleasure when suffering from clinical depression. Symptoms include intense feelings of worthlessness or guilt, the inability to see positive solutions, restlessness, lack of focus, irritability, sleep issues (insomnia or sleeping too much), eating issues (eating too little or excessive eating), and thoughts of suicide. If an individual shows five or more these signs, then they are likely experiencing depression.
  • Persistent depressive disorder: PDD or dysthymia is when depression becomes a chronic condition lasting for years. Although the symptoms come and go over time, they never disappear for more than a couple of months. Thus, individuals struggling with this mental health issue need ongoing therapy.
  • Bipolar disorder: Sometimes called manic depression, someone with bipolar disorder experiences episodes of extreme euphoria and then extremely low moods. Individuals struggling with this condition vacillate wildly between the two extremes unable to moderate their moods.
  • Postpartum depression: After childbirth, many women experience this as pregnancy and the physical exhaustion of birth releases such a vast array of hormones, the body has severe difficulty in regulating moods.


While there are other types of depression, these are perhaps the most prominent. What matters most when dealing with depressive disorders is seeking out help. Depression can too easily lead individuals into dark, negative thinking pushing them towards suicide or self-harm.

Therefore, at Harmony Bay Wellness, we offer a wide array of therapy programs to address the mental health issues you are facing. For instance, we offer the following:

  • Grief counseling
  • Couples therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Individual therapy

These therapies, alongside many others, will address your needs and help you heal from whatever depressive disorders are affecting your health and happiness.


Realizing there are kinds of depressive disorders allows individuals to seek out the right kind of help. If you’re in Cherry Hill, NJ, or the greater South Jersey area and wondering if there are therapists or psychiatrists in the area, we can help. Taking care of one’s mental health is just as important as taking care of one’s physical health. At Harmony Bay Wellness, we understand the importance of good mental health. Also, we understand just how to help others maintain and improve their own. So contact us today at [Direct] to explore what we can offer you or your loved one. No matter the depressive disorders affecting you or your loved one, we can help restore health.

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