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Spring Cleaning For Mental Health

Nancy MacGregor MA, ATR-BC, LPC, ACS, Clinical Director

Before we know it, it will be spring which means more sunlight, fresh air, and flowers. It also means that it’s time for a little spring cleaning. For your house? Sure. For your mental health? Definitely! We want to share some mental health tips that will give your mind a spring-time boost.

This is the perfect time of year to hit the reset button. Between the winter hibernation and everything from the past year, this is your chance to dive into warmer weather with a clear head and fresh perspective.


You ever think that journaling is just spring cleaning for your brain? Don’t let thoughts sit up there in your head, get them down on paper! The best part of journaling is that it can be about anything. So, whether it’s a brain dump, reminiscing on a favorite memory, or observing what you see while sitting on a park bench, journaling is a great mental health tip to pick up. So, why not start now?

Let Go of the Past

Sometimes it might feel easier to hold onto grudges or ill feelings related to the past. But at the end of the day, you’re the one that is going to suffer. By letting go of the past, you’ll notice a more positive attitude within yourself and a decrease in stress and anxiety.

Check Off Your To-Do List

You know that pile in the corner? Yes, you know the one (we all have a pile somewhere). Now is the time to dive into it. Take this time to sort through the pile, get your oil changed, schedule your doctor’s appointment, or fix that leaky faucet. By tackling projects that you’ve been putting off, you’ll be able to free your mind from the “mental weeds” and make room for new growth.

Re-evaluate Priorities

Take some time to reflect and think about different aspects of your life and whether they are helping or hurting you and your self-development. You can start small by asking questions such as: What’s important to me right now? What do I want to do more of? What do I want to do less of? Does this habit still serve me? Is it getting me to where I want to be? By answering some or all of these questions, you’ll be able to identify habits that you can drop and think of new, healthier habits to pick up.

Focus on Your Physical Health

It’s normal to get a little sluggish during the winter months. But with warmer weather around the corner, it’s time to get up, get moving, and get healthy. Your physical health majorly impacts your mental health and the more you move, the happier you will feel.

Start a new fitness routine, go on walks, meal-prep balanced meals for the week, and take charge of your health.

Change Your Perspective

Who said “new year, new me” is just for January? We know that life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, but if you are able to take a situation (good or bad) and find the positive in it, you will have a whole new outlook on life. Keep in mind, we attract what we think, so be kind to others and most importantly, yourself.

Are you ready to start fresh this spring? These mental health tips are easy, and useful to maintain for the long run! Harmony Bay Wellness is here to help. Contact us today with any questions about our mental health services.

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