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The Do’s and Don’ts of Starting an Addiction Detox Program

Michael Webster

The detox process is a critical part of beginning your recovery journey. It’s the first step in surrender and a pathway to laying a foundation from which your healing can begin. Addiction detox centers are medical and therapeutic facilities that assist clients in safely discontinuing drug or alcohol use, offering well-rounded services to ensure they are safe and supported during one of the most challenging phases of recovery.

Whether it’s your first time attending detox, or your fifth, preparing your mindset for entering into this space will set you up with the best chance for success. There’s a level of physical and emotional discomfort during this process and a vast shift in lifestyle.

What else should you do to prepare yourself for a detox stay? There are several do’s and don’ts that will give you the best chance of making the most of your time in detox. Take a look below and challenge yourself to integrate these tools into your mindset. Be Honest. You’re going into detox for help, use it. Don’t rob yourself of the experience by letting shame and stigma minimize your experience with addiction. Allow yourself to be honest every step of the way. Talk with vulnerability, relate to the professionals the amount of your use, and allow yourself to feel the weight of the decision you’ve made. Your honesty will set you free, and open you up to support. Hide What You’re Going Through. Recovery is all about putting your cards on the table. Your instinct will tell you to live in the shadows, as that’s what you’ve been doing in your addiction. Defy that programming. You need to communicate physical and emotional concerns to get the most out of your treatment. No concern is too small, and when you take steps to advocate for yourself, you start to build self-worth in the process. Go in with an Open Mind. Regardless of the number of times, you have attended a drug rehab, having an open mind around what’s being asked of you and what you can gain in the process will allow you to absorb the treatment experience. You will most likely hear something you’ve never heard before, meet people with varied perspectives, and make new strides with your self-image. If we don’t allow ourselves to be open to these experiences, they will be blocked by our previously held beliefs.Have a Negative Mindset. It’s easy to fall into a negative mindset in an addiction detox program. You’re wrestling with physical and emotional upheaval and probably experiencing your feelings in a way that hasn’t been possible for quite some time. Challenge it! If we enter into the detox space with our minds already made up, we would be able to extract the necessary tools, information, and healing that is so crucial to set your recovery up for success and support.Embrace Downtime. Part of the detox experience is being engaged in activities and therapy services, while the other part includes rest and recovery. This stillness can feel disconcerting for someone who’s used to active addiction. Take this as a cue to lean into the version of yourself you’ve been missing. What is it that you’re interested in outside of your addiction? What pieces of you have been lost and can now be found? Read a book, meditate and get comfortable with your thoughts.

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