Man laying on couch during anger management therapy with therapist listening in anger management classes new jerseyAnger can fuel your actions, but it can also lead to destruction. If you’re in addiction treatment, you may be angry at people in your past or your present, such as friends, family, or even society at large. To live a better life, you must learn how to manage your anger in anger management therapy. Then, you can productively process your emotions after anger management classes in New Jersey. The skills that you will learn during South Jersey mental health therapy sessions can be a significant part of your treatment and your recovery. 

Why Should I Start Anger Management Therapy in South Jersey?

A motivating reason to deal with your anger is recovery wellness. Your anger can cause you to relapse if you try to hold these emotions in or mistreat other people because of your feelings. Additionally, anger can stall your recovery or cause legal, health, or relationship problems. These potential problems make it clear that you need to take part in anger management therapy in South Jersey. 

Anger management classes in New Jersey can teach you how to handle your anger healthily. Therapy options, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, can also help. For instance, CBT teaches you methods to stop negative thinking and feelings that drive negative actions. 

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Causes of Anger

Anger can be a natural reaction to your situations in life. However, if you are angry all the time and you lash out or mishandle your feelings, you may suffer consequences as a result. Anger can be healthy when you control it, but it can also be harmful and unproductive. 

Two of the causes of harmful anger are pain and fear. Pain can come from loss, someone hurting you, or someone treating you unfairly. Fear, on the other hand, can come from a desire not to get left behind, embarrass yourself, or look silly. Once you know the cause of your anger, you can then address the root of the problem. 

The Body’s Reaction to Anger

When you get angry, your brain releases a slew of hormones that are energy-related. You will feel tense and on edge for some time, ranging from just a few hours to a few days. The tense feeling arises from the activation of your adrenocortical system. When this system is activated, your heart rate and blood pressure increase, and your body releases more adrenaline. 

It is not healthy to bottle up your anger. Think of your body as a shaken-up bottle of Coke. On the surface, it looks peaceful, but if you open it up, the carbonated bubbles spill out and go everywhere. Similarly, when you hold in your anger, you may feel the results, which are a pain in your head, back, neck, or muscles. Also, when you reach your breaking point, you tend to explode and have a much larger reaction than the system warrants. 

Neither holding in your anger or flying off the handle is healthy. To handle the issue, you need help from an anger management therapy in South Jersey, in combination with other therapies. 

Get to Know Your Anger Through Anger Management Classes in New Jersey

Managing your anger is a skill that you can learn in anger management therapy in South Jersey. Through these programs, you can understand what brings on your anger and what triggers to avoid. In addition to our anger management therapy, we also offer:

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