psychiatric counseling servicesHarmony Bay Wellness is an outpatient behavioral health treatment center that provides primary mental health therapy and psychiatric counseling services for mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD, and co-occurring substance use disorders. We offer a safe and calming environment along with compassionate professionals who take an empowering approach to mental health treatment.

Our psychiatric counseling services in South Jersey provide mental health treatment programs to help you or a loved to get the right help for their situation. Through our intensive outpatient program and medication-assisted treatment program, you we provide comprehensive services designed to meet your needs.

All Mental Health Therapies Offered at Harmony Bay

Anxiety Therapy

Everyone experiences occasional anxiety due to everyday life. People with anxiety disorders, however, tend to experience intense, excessive and persistent worry and fear about everyday situations. When these feelings reach extremes, they can result in an anxiety attack or panic attack. Learn more to see how anxiety therapy can help you today.

Anger Management Therapy

Anger management classes in New Jersey can teach you how to handle your anger healthily. Therapy options, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, can also help.

Bipolar Disorder Therapy

Bipolar disorder is a spectrum of mental illness. Some people require intensive outpatient treatment programs, and others will do fine doing intermittent therapy and working to regulate moods using medicines or other techniques. Attending a bipolar disorder treatment center will help you to create stronger relationships and live a more satisfying life.

Career Guidance

Choosing and changing careers can be a big decision. Seeking professional help can serve to provide support, guidance and accountability with career-related challenges. Our staff is trained to assist you through this journey and gain insight into the most suitable career.

Childhood Abuse Therapy

Childhood abuse can occur within a community, organization, or home by any person that has interacted with a child. People who have experienced childhood abuse will oftentimes develop intense feelings of shame, guilt, and mistrust towards others as an adult. Take our free ACE Score to find out more about finding a childhood abuse treatment center. Let us help you today with therapy.

Codependency Therapy

Codependency is an emotional and behavioral condition that affects an individual’s abilities to have a healthy, mutually satisfying relationship. Also, people with codependency may form or maintain relationships that are one-sided, emotionally destructive and/or abusive. Learn more about codependency therapy, and how we can help you or a loved one.

Couples Therapy

Relationships can be rewarding, yet challenging as they progress. Couples therapy is a type of psychotherapy where a trained clinician works with a couple. Couples counseling focuses on the relational dynamics between the couple. Whether you are dating or married, this may be the therapy for you and your partner.

Depression Therapy

Clinical depression is different than temporary sadness as a result of a difficult life experience. The affected individual will often endure more severe sadness that lasts for a longer period of time. Depression can even occur in the absence of a corresponding life event. Let us help you navigate these feelings with experienced therapists today.

Divorce Therapy

A divorce can be a painful, emotional and overwhelming process and you may also need therapy to help recover from the process. Harmony Bay has sincere therapists that want to help you through this time the best they can.

Domestic Abuse Therapy

Domestic violence can take place in marriages, intimate partnerships, parent-child relationships, or in other family relationships. Individuals affected by domestic violence can include elders, children, and adults. Violence can be in the form of physical, verbal, emotional, economic, and sexual abuse in a domestic violent relationship. Thus, domestic violence therapy is a useful tool.

Eating Disorder Therapy

The type of eating disorder treatment center you will want to look for will depend on the type of eating disorder you have, its severity, and how it has affected your health. Eating disorder treatment at Harmony Bay Wellness will usually consist of a mixture of nutritional education, psychotherapy, and maybe medicine.

Emotional Abuse Therapy

Emotional Abuse can be defined as any symbolic or verbal act of isolation, assault, humiliation, or intimidation that imposes harm or intended harm to another person. In fact, emotional abuse can cause individuals to feel unsafe and unable to communicate with others. Our emotional abuse therapy can work in family, peer, or work relationships.

Family Therapy

Families can find themselves struggling in their normal interactions. Often, when dealing with a serious crisis, they can benefit from a family therapy program through mental health therapy in South Jersey. Our family therapy program teaches families how to adjust their behavior and thinking to better support one another.

Gambling Addiction Therapy

Gambling addiction, also referred to as pathological gambling, compulsive gambling or gambling disorder, is the inability to control the urge and impulse to gamble despite negative consequences.

Gender Identity Therapy

gender identity is the innermost concept of self as male, female, a blend of both, or neither. Gender identity is how individuals perceive themselves and what they call themselves. It can correspond or differ from a person’s assigned sex at birth. Gender identity can be fluid, meaning it can shift. A person’s gender identity can change every day or even every few hours.

Grief Counseling Therapy

Almost everyone has experienced a sudden or unexpected loss. Grief is the emotional suffering one can feel after someone or something of importance is taken away. Grief can be a natural response to many losses and can be extremely challenging to navigate.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is the process of meeting with a trained professional and at least two other clients in a safe and nurturing space. Group therapy can take place in a therapist’s office or in a group room and sessions can vary depending on the group material and topic.

Insomnia Therapy

About one-third of adults in the United States complain of insomnia symptoms. Sleep issues can affect many areas of a person’s life, including abilities to work, go to school, and socialize. This is why it’s important that individuals experiencing sleep issues find the insomnia therapy they need. Let us help you solve your sleep issues with insomnia therapy.

Internet Addiction Therapy

Computers, tablets, and mobile devices have rapidly increased access to the internet. Internet addiction is a behavioral addiction that is defined as spending large quantities of time on the internet, leading to impairments in functioning. Thus, it makes sense to find internet addiction therapy. It is most prevalent among male adolescents between the ages of 12-20 years old

Life Changes Therapy

Life transitions are characterized by a sudden or unexpected change in one’s life. Some life transitions can be positive and exciting, such as purchasing a new home, getting a new job or getting married. Some life transitions can be challenging, uncomfortable and stressful, such as getting a divorce, experiencing job loss, or having a serious illness. Harmony Bay Wellness offers help for these stressful situations.

Love Addiction Therapy

Love, or the intense feeling of deep attraction, interest or pleasure, is a natural human desire. It is normal for one to seek connection, companionship and, also find a partner to build a meaningful life with. As with other desires and feelings, one can become consumed and infatuated with the concept of love. in fact, love addiction is a compulsive, chronic craving and pursuit for romantic love.

Low Self-Esteem Therapy

The low self-esteem therapy Harmony Bay Wellness provides in New Jersey defines self-esteem as a person’s thoughts and feelings about their worth, abilities, and value. Self-esteem can develop and fluctuate regularly based on various factors, and we want to help you or a loved one find their self-worth and to embrace it fully.

OCD Therapy

People suffering from OCD may feel there is no way out. Getting their symptoms under control seems impossible since their compulsions drive them, but Harmony Bay Wellness offers hope to overcome these compulsions and to get their life back.

Panic Attack Therapy

Panic attacks are most common among adult females. Panic Disorder, characterized by panic attacks, is an anxiety disorder that results in a sudden feeling of terror that can strike repeatedly without warning. Panic attacks/disorder may derive from real or perceived fears or intrusive thoughts may induce feelings of anxiety, discomfort, and panic.

Personality Disorders Therapy

An individual’s personality is influenced by many factors including temperament, childhood experiences, environment, and inherited characteristics. Doctor characterize Personality Disorders as a group of mental illnesses with rigid and unhealthy ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving that causes impairments in functioning and lasts over time. Therapy can help personality disorders that range from mild to severe.

Prescription Drug Abuse Therapy

Prescription drugs are medications prescribed by a medical doctor to alleviate unwanted symptoms. Within recent years, prescription drugs have begun to be more widely prescribed and abused. In addition, prescription drug abuse can include taking more medication(s) than prescribed, taking multiple different medication(s) or mixing prescription drugs with other substances which can increase the effects of the medication.

PTSD Therapy

PTSD makes it almost impossible to live a normal, healthy life. That’s why PTSD Therapy in South Jersey like that offered by Harmony Bay Wellness is crucial. If you or your loved one is struggling with PTSD, we understand what you’re going through.

Postpartum Depression Therapy

During and after childbirth, women go through many changes including changes in hormones, physical appearance, emotional health, and relationships with others. Finding Postpartum Depression Therapy can help make the process more healthy.

Self-Harm Therapy

Self-harm, often referred to as self-injurious behavior (SIB) or non-suicidal self-injurious behavior (NSSIB), is an unhealthy coping mechanism most commonly used by teens as well as young adults. Treatment for those struggling with self-harm can include group and individual therapy services. Therapy services will assist in gaining skills to reduce the use of self-harm as a means of coping.

Seasonal Affective Disorder Therapy

Research has shown that the weather and the change in seasons have an impact on mood, emotions, and mental health. Each season is characterized by different temperatures and sunlight. Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD is a mood disorder characterized by increased depression that begins and ends at about the same time each year. It is most common to experience Seasonal Affective Disorder during the fall and winter months.

Sexual Abuse Treatment Therapy

Sexual abuse affects women, men, adults, and children of all ages. Therefore, it is critical for survivors to know that it is not their fault, and they are not alone. This is what makes Sexual Abuse Therapy so important.

Smoking and Tobacco Cessation 

Smoking and tobacco cessation programs incorporate a combination of both therapeutic and medical interventions. Medications are frequently prescribed in conjunction with therapeutic interventions to support individuals with smoking and tobacco cessation.

Stress Reduction Therapy

Stress can manifest itself in your feelings and thoughts as well. At Harmony Bay Wellness’ stress reduction therapy, we will work with you to find the root causes of your stress.

Trauma Therapy

Trauma and how a person responds to it is very personal. People are affected in different ways from the trauma treatment in South Jersey that they have been through. Likewise, some people will develop no issues at all, some can develop depression, and others can develop conditions like PTSD.

Discover the Right Mental Health Therapy for You

Regardless of what type of mental health disorder you are suffering from, there is treatment available for you. Additionally, our warm and caring staff can help you identify which mental disorder you have. They also provide you with the appropriate mental health treatment programs.

Our psychiatric counseling services include:

Psychiatric evaluation: We offer a psychiatric assessment or screening that allows us to gather information about your mental health disorder and make an accurate diagnosis. Our assessment is the first step in our extensive treatment process.

Medication management: Responsible medication management with medication-assisted treatment ensures that you receive optimal results from your prescriptions. We can help you develop a workable short and long-term medication treatment plan.

Individual therapy/psychotherapy: We use a combination of advanced psychological methods and personal interaction to address your disorder or behaviors. We can help you overcome your problems in a way that is beneficial for you and those around you.

Telehealth: Harmony Bay Wellness can provide long-distance patient care, reminders, education, intervention, monitoring, and communication through telecommunication technology and electronic information. Today’s technology allows us to interact with clients via any remote location.

Drug and alcohol assessment: If you are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, we can provide complete psychiatric counseling services to help you overcome your dependency. We offer co-occurring treatment in addition to other programs.

ADD Testing: If you are unsure whether you, a spouse, parent, or child has ADD, we can provide a wide range of tests to diagnose ADD. We can combine several methods. These include interviews, questionnaires, observation, and rating scales to identify and measure the symptoms of ADD.

Group, family, and couples therapy: When a mental condition occurs, it can affect the entire family. We offer intervention through:

  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Couples therapy

We do more than just help you cope with the problem. We get to the heart of the issue and find solutions that will help you lead a healthier, happier life.

Understanding Mental Health Disorders and Therapy

While a few counseling sessions can address some mental health disorders, others need more intense therapeutic services. Regardless of your situation, you don’t have to feel alone, embarrassed, or ashamed.

According to the CDC, nearly half of all Americans 18 or over are dealing with a mental health disorder that requires some level of professional treatment. The key to successful treatment is recognizing that you may need help from a professional in a safe, non-judgmental environment that does not stigmatize you.

Schedule Your Mental Health Therapy in South Jersey Today

No matter what type of mental health condition you may be suffering from, there is help available from qualified mental health specialists. In addition, Harmony Bay Wellness offers complete psychiatric services that cover a wide range of conditions. To schedule psychiatric counseling services, call us at 855.765.6399.