woman outside thinking about OCD TherapyMost people will occasionally double-check things before leaving the house. Making sure the coffee pot is unplugged or that the stove is turned off are good safety practices. However, someone with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) needs to repeatedly check things. Without OCD therapy in South Jersey, they will perform certain rituals and routines many times before continuing with their day. People suffering from OCD may feel there is no way out. Getting their symptoms under control seems impossible since their compulsions drive them. At Harmony Bay Wellness, there is hope for the future.

Frequently Asked Questions About OCD

How Does A Person Develop OCD?

Obsessive compulsions are learned behaviors. They become repetitive and habitual to an individual when a person associates those behaviors with relief from anxiety. Obsessive compulsive disorder is due to both genetic and hereditary factors. A person with OCD will likely face chemical and functional abnormalities in their brain.

OCD is still not fully understood and the root cause is not definite. There are several theories as to where OCD derives from including:

  • Genetic and hereditary factors
  • Chemical, structural and functional abnormalities in the brain
  • Distorted beliefs
  • Compulsions are learned behaviors developed from association with anxiety relief

It’s important to understand where your OCD may stem from in order to better treat it. Every person with OCD is different and have different obsessions and compulsions, which is why choosing the right OCD therapy in New Jersey is vital.

What Are Common Symptoms of OCD?

Symptoms of OCD include both obsessions and compulsions. Some common obsessions include:

  • Fear of dirt or germs
  • Fear of harm from illness, accident, or even death
  • Intrusive thoughts about sex or violence
  • Excessive concerns with symmetry or neatness
  • Needing to know and remember things

Some common compulsions include:

  • Excessive cleanliness
  • Excessive checking of locks and things associated with safety
  • Repeating routine activities
  • Touching, tapping or moving in a particular way or a certain number of times
  • Mentally repeating words or numbers a certain number of times, or concentrating on ‘good’ or ‘safe’ numbers

If you or a loved one are experiencing any of these symptoms of OCD, it is important to seek treatment. An OCD treatment center can help you accomplish your goals.

How Is OCD Treated?

Therapies for OCD may consist of psychotherapy, medication or both. These methods work for even the most severe forms of this condition. For most individuals, OCD responds well to cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

Coupled with prescribed medications, CBT can alleviate symptoms for most individuals. Cognitive behavioral therapy may occur in individual or group settings. Exposure and response prevention is one form of CBT. This type of treatment gradually exposes an individual to a feared obsession. Exposure and response prevention takes a lot of practice and effort for an individual to benefit. However, the reward improves their quality of life.

What’s Involved In OCD Therapy?

OCD treatment is not a cure for this disorder, but it can help individuals learn how to manage their symptoms. The ultimate goal of treatment allows individuals to regain control over their lives. Most individuals with OCD are aware that their compulsions and obsessions are irrational. Yet, they feel powerless to stop acting on the behaviors without getting obsessive-compulsive disorder treatment. Seeking care early improves outcomes for reducing the symptoms and disruptions in an individual’s life.

Harmony Bay Recovery Center can help manage these feelings and behaviors. We help individuals regain freedom and a sense of empowerment over their lives.

What Are The Next Steps For Getting Help With OCD?

Harmony Bay Wellness offers flexible appointments and short wait times for individuals who need treatment for obsessive-compulsive disorder. Our caring staff supports everyone’s unique capacity to achieve wellness and flourish in life.

Our IOP in South Jersey helps individuals decrease their plaguing symptoms. You can gain tools to resume healthy daily functioning. We provide care such as:

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