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3 Signs Your Loved One Needs a Bipolar Therapist

Nancy MacGregor MA, ATR-BC, LPC, ACS, Clinical Director

Could your loved one have bipolar disorder? Many people do not know much about this condition. That makes spotting the condition hard to do. Yet, you may want to reach out to a bipolar disorder therapist, like our professionals at Harmony Bay Wellness near Salem County, NJ, if you believe your loved one could have this condition. With bipolar disorder psychiatry services available, we can help restore their wellbeing and improve their quality of life.

Here are a few signs you may want to turn to a bipolar therapist for help. Reach out to us today.

Explore Mania Symptoms

Often those who would benefit from a bipolar disorder psychiatrist display mania symptoms. However, this can make it difficult to know if there is a problem present. Your loved one may seem happy and full of energy. Yet, they often go overboard in this. For example, they may feel better than they usually do and feel as though they can accomplish anything. They may be easily distracted and move from one task to the next. Sometimes, they may engage in risky behaviors they do not usually engage in. When you see mania symptoms like this, reach out to a bipolar disorder therapist for clarification on what is happening.

Consider Depression Symptoms

The other area of this disease is depression. Remember that a person may go from happiness and excitement to depression quickly and without an obvious cause. This is when bipolar disorder medication becomes so important. An individual’s mood can change drastically going from elation to very depressed quite quickly. Fortunately, bipolar disorder medication can help them to level out these ups and downs.

You want to find and discuss your loved one’s condition with a bipolar disorder psychiatrist before depression impacts every facet of your loved one’s life. They may talk about death or dying. They may feel as though they have no way forward and that they are not worth living. These are very real feelings that a bipolar disorder psychiatrist can help manage.

Psychosis Concerns Indicate a Need for a Bipolar Therapist

Bipolar disorder psychiatry also has to deal with evidence of psychosis. In these situations working with a bipolar disorder therapist is critical. A person may be seeing things or hearing things that are not there. They may also have hallucinations that encourage them to do things that are risky to them. Often, they become delusional, and this can mean that they believe things to be true that are not.

When you find your loved one is facing signs of psychosis, do not wait. Get them help through a bipolar disorder psychiatrist as quickly as possible. This may even warrant a trip to the emergency room for some. The sooner you do so, the sooner they can get relief.

What Additional Services Can Harmony Bay Wellness Provide?

We can offer a range of help in bipolar disorder psychiatry, but the care and support we offer can help with other challenges your loved one may be facing as well. It is quite common for people to have more than one mental health concern. We can help you beyond just what your bipolar disorder therapist can provide. We offer services such as:

Find the Support Necessary at Harmony Bay Wellness

Working with a bipolar disorder therapist is an eye-opening experience. It allows your loved one to get help, but it also gives you insight into what their needs are. When you need bipolar disorder psychiatry, reach out to Harmony Bay Wellness near Salem County, NJ. Our team of professionals can offer you guidance and support as you work through this mental health problem. Contact us at [Direct] to learn more.

Treatment with Harmony Bay

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