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Benefits of an experienced LGBTQ therapist

Nancy MacGregor MA, ATR-BC, LPC, ACS, Clinical Director

Benefits of an Experienced LGBTQ Therapist

Therapy is meant to be a safe space where you are free to express yourself and your feelings with no judgment. By having a therapist that is in your corner and can relate to experiences you are going through, it will help with your development and have positive results on your therapy sessions.

Members of the LGBTQ+ community may benefit from having an experienced LGBTQ therapist. This type of therapist can either be a gay therapist, a member of the community themselves or have extensive experience counseling those within it.

Here we will explore some benefits of an LGBTQ therapist.

LGBTQ individuals seek therapy at a higher rate than non-LGBTQ counterparts

Many people in their lifetimes will go through some period where they question, address, and face their own identity. For the LGBTQ+ community, that is especially true. As a result, LGBTQ individuals tend to seek therapy at a higher rate than their non-LGBTQ counterparts.

Oftentimes, as someone who is LGBTQ+ you will have experiences that are different from most people, for better and for worse. It can be difficult to know how to handle some of these situations which is where an experienced LGBTQ therapist comes in. Between societal stigmas and discrimination, an experienced LGBTQ therapist can help you navigate challenging waters. A gay therapist might be helpful too as they can have greater insight into some of these shared experiences.

An LGBTQ therapist can provide support for gender dysphoria and sexual identity issues

Gender dysphoria is when you have an overwhelming feeling of discomfort or distress related to a difference you feel between your gender identity and your sex assigned at birth. A benefit of working with an LGBTQ+ therapist is that this is something they are trained in. Unlike other therapists that might have read an article or two about gender dysphoria, experienced LGBTQ+ therapists must understand everything that goes into it and how to help clients through their personal experiences with it. The same goes for sexual identity issues. Your LGBTQ+ therapist will have ample knowledge available to provide guidance throughout your sessions.

Affirmative therapy and empowerment

Affirmative therapy is a type of therapy that validates and advocates the needs of sexual and gender minority clients. This type of psychotherapy can be beneficial whether or not you are dealing with issues related to gender and sexuality because it is all about non-judgment. Affirmative therapists are taught to distinguish who a person is rather than what they do in their daily lives. For example, your therapist will be able to decipher how you as a person and your behaviors align with who you want to be.

How to Find an LGBTQ Therapist

If you are looking for an LGBTQ+ therapist to work with, you can start by searching for an ‘LGBTQ therapist near me.’ From there, visit therapist profiles to see who may be a good match.

Harmony Bay Wellness has experienced therapists that can help you in your journey to a better, more confident you. You can visit our About Us-Care Team page and view bios for all of our therapists. From the bios you will be able to learn about each therapist professionally and personally, and they will each have a section clarifying their areas of expertise as well as their therapy treatment styles.

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