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Cognitive-Behavioral Techniques In ADHD Therapy

Nancy MacGregor MA, ATR-BC, LPC, ACS, Clinical Director

ADHD psychiatry is an important component of managing this condition. Treatment includes not only ADHD medication but also talk therapy. One form of talk therapy often used is called cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). Its numerous techniques can help you to see better ways of handling symptoms and challenges. It is one of the mental health therapy options we offer at Harmony Bay Wellness.

Establishing Effective ADHD Therapy

Meeting with our ADHD psychiatry team for an assessment is the first step in treatment. It allows us to learn about your condition. We can use the information gathered to create a treatment plan for you. This often includes ADHD medications that work to create more of a balance and clear thinking. From there, we may recommend the use of ADHD therapy that includes talk therapy, including CBT.

How Does CBT Work in ADHD Therapy?

As a short-term treatment program, the potential benefits of CBT in ADHD therapy may include:

  • Improving self-esteem
  • Boosting productivity
  • Creating a higher level of happiness
  • Overcoming distortions in thinking
  • Learning to build healthy relationships

Men and women with ADHD typically have a very low self-esteem thanks in part to making numerous mistakes or missteps throughout their life, especially without ADHD medication and therapy easing their behaviors early on. With CBT, it is possible to create changes in negative thought patterns to create better behavioral outcomes.

How Does ADHD Psychiatry Work?

An ADHD therapist uses a range of CBT techniques to help a person explore new ways of thinking. The goal is not to tell you that you’re right or wrong. Rather, it is to help you see things in a new way. Some of the techniques used include:

  • Cognitive Reframing: This CBT technique focuses on negative thought patterns. Many people with ADHD over-generalize or assume only the worst can occur. Minor details often obscure the big picture. In this technique, an ADHD therapist works to identify negative patterns, helps you become aware of them, and then enables you to change them.
  • Guided Discovery: In this area, the focus is on challenging your viewpoint. The ADHD psychiatrist will work closely with you to challenge the negative thoughts, giving you a new perspective. This may help you to learn to cope with your ADHD symptoms with new thoughts.
  • Exposure Therapy: In ADHD therapy, exposure therapy can help you exclude yourself from social situations or activities because of your ADHD symptoms. This therapy allows you to learn how to cope with symptoms or challenges in a meaningful manner at the moment.
  • Stress Reduction Techniques: Many with ADHD struggle with chronic stress and exceptional stress in some moments. Having access to skills for deep breathing or imagery may help to minimize some of the negative outcomes. It gives you the ability to maintaining mental focus and control.

Finding ADHD Therapy near Stratford, NJ

ADHD medication and therapy are just the starts of how our team can help you. Our ADHD psychiatry services are comprehensive. They will work to minimize the symptoms you have, creating a better quality of life. Then, you’ll have tools developed with your ADHDtherapist’s help to manage any symptoms present during the course of your day.

We offer a range of therapies that may help, including:

Embrace Treatment and See Change: Call Harmony Bay Wellness Today

ADHD therapy near Stratford, NJ, allows you to change your outcome. If you are ready to meet with an ADHD therapist and explore treatment, call Harmony Bay Wellness now. We are here to create a treatment plan that creates your best life. Learn more by calling [Direct] or connecting with us online.

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