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School’s Out: Coping with Anxiety While Classrooms are Closed


The COVID-19 pandemic has left students and educators alike barred from entering classrooms. We do this to adhere to social distancing guidelines and slow the spread of the deadly virus. However, while beneficial to overall physical safety in our education system, it brings its own set of stressors. For instance, college students, in particular, face the daunting task of leaving behind campuses rich with academic resources. Having to continue their education from home brings with it personal stressors as well as challenges. So how do these students maintain productivity and cope with anxiety during a global health crisis? Here at Harmony Bay, we know that one of the best means to deal with the current crisis is through using the technology on hand. 


Most universities offer an abundance of online academic resources to assist students in their learning. For instance, they provide online lectures, slideshows, or even study guides and pre-exam reviews. Students in the digital age have access to materials that were never available to students of previous generations. Students and educators can use these resources to create a more interactive and dynamic learning experience. Which can, in turn, increase overall academic performance.

With all the digital tools available, it’s easy for students to become overwhelmed. The search for online material most pertinent to their coursework is difficult in the best of times. So, where to start? A good first step is reaching out to professors or teaching assistants. Sometimes simply asking which tools they would recommend for online learning gets you the answer. Professors often incorporate digital components into their coursework and should be able to point students in the right direction. Additionally, universities usually provide directories of approved online resources, which can further guide students toward the tools that will be most helpful.

Finally, never hesitate to reach out to a professor or TA and ask if they have availability to set up a video call where questions can be addressed more thoroughly. With in-person office hours suspended, most educators are transitioning to digital office hours where they can meet with students one-on-one and assist them with any academic concerns.


Many digital resources are being offered to students as they continue their educations from home. But despite this, the transition from in-person to online work can still be a stressful one. The good news for students is that online healthcare resources are now available in the same way online academic resources are. Telehealth allows clients to digitally meet with therapists, counselors, and psychiatrists to address any mental health needs they may have from the comfort and convenience of their homes. As such, students coping with the stress and anxiety of campuses being closed now have the option of meeting digitally meeting with a licensed therapist to discuss the challenges they are facing and work on healthy coping methods.

This is a powerful tool for students stuck at home. Especially those looking for support with their mental health while trying to adhere to social distancing guidelines. Therapy through Telehealth services can assist students with stress-management, developing healthy coping skills, and psychoeducational support, all of which are important components of a student’s overall mental health. These skills, combined with the online academic resources at their disposal, can help students stay productive and stress-free while taking classes from home.


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