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Do I Need Depression Treatment?

Nancy MacGregor MA, ATR-BC, LPC, ACS, Clinical Director

It’s a hard question to ask–do you need treatment for depression? Depression therapy is often seen as a negative or something other people need. Yet, depression is a very real mental illness that can lead to numerous complications if not dealt with properly. The good news is there is help available to you. When you reach out to Harmony Bay Wellness, our depression therapist near Moorestown, NJ, can work closely with you to create a treatment plan that is best for your unique needs.

Signs You May Need a Depression Therapist Near Moorestown, NJ

Is what you have mild depression, sadness, or something more severe? It can be hard to tell sometimes, especially when you are looking at your health. Even if you are not sure if depression therapy can help you, it is wise to reach out for help. It will give you tools and resources to use to get a real view of how to improve your life at that moment.

Some people in severe depression need more help. You should seek out a depression psychiatrist if you display symptoms such as:

  • Talking about death or thinking about dying
  • Self-harm
  • Feeling isolated or pulling away from others
  • Profound sadness often linked to hopelessness and helplessness
  • Changes in sleep or eating habits

In situations like this, it is always best to seek out help right away. Without it, your symptoms may worsen, leading to complex health problems down the road.

What Can Happen in Depression Psychiatry?

When you visit a depression psychiatrist and start working on your needs, you are likely to learn a great deal about yourself. You will also learn about depression and why you cannot control it on your own. Sometimes, depression medication is used as a way to regulate hormones and chemical imbalances that can cause depression. Other times, you need more effective help, such as working with a depression therapist on a routine basis.

With depression psychiatry, you will gain insight into what’s happening to you. This may include learning how to spot the warning signs of when depression is worsening. It may also help you to gain some control over your life. You’ll finally be able to understand why you think or feel the way you do. That alone can be empowering for many people.

Finding the Right Depression Therapist Is Important

To get to the heart of your depression, you need to work with the right depression therapist. At Harmony Bay Wellness, our team is here to guide you with a full range of services and supportive care. Here, you will be able to reach a level of stability. From there, treatment can include help for a range of needs.

Choose a therapist you feel you can open up with and someone that can guide you through treatment. You also want to be able to put your all into depression therapy because you are confident in what is happening. The right team can help that happen.

Here, our depression therapist is ready to work closely with you. After an assessment and necessary depression medication, you will also get opportunities to open up in individual and group therapy. Therapy options we offer include:

Take the First Step in Getting Help by Calling Harmony Bay Wellness

Working with a depression therapist near Moorestown, NJ, is one of the most empowering steps you can take for your future. Our team is dedicated to working closely with you to help you with improving your quality of life. Our depression therapy is customized to meet your needs. Reach out to Harmony Bay Wellness today to get the support and guidance you need. Call [Direct] today.

Treatment with Harmony Bay

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