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Does My Loved One Need Anger Management

Nancy MacGregor MA, ATR-BC, LPC, ACS, Clinical Director

Have you ever been angry? Like, the type of anger where you are “seeing red?” In some ways, this is normal. Anger is a natural human emotion. Everyone, regardless of age, race, or gender, gets angry at some point or another. However, when does the natural human response go too far? If you have a partner or family member who routinely gets unnecessarily angry, you may be wondering about the benefits of anger management and whether or not your loved one may need it. If that’s the case, it may be time to get outside help. At Harmony Bay, we offer anger management therapy for people in Voorhees, NJ, and the greater South Jersey area struggling with managing anger and their emotional responses.


One way to know whether anger management is necessary is to look for specific signs. For instance, is your loved one angry all the time, or on rare occasions? If you’re struggling with anger issues, your emotion is consistently bubbling near to the surface. You can’t seem to control it. The slightest thing can set you off, making your outrage bubble over. If this is the case, it is a good indication that you may need anger management. 

Another sign to look for is whether your loved one’s anger is hurting others. Sometimes when people struggle with anger management, they say or do things that they regret. They may also become physically or verbally abusive. Hurting other people is a strong indicator that your loved one needs anger management. 

Additionally, another sign to search for when you’re wondering if your loved one needs anger management is to watch to see if their anger is impacting their relationships. Some people may decide to distance themselves from a consistently angry person. The relationship between them may be toxic, and so they choose to take steps to end it. 

Other indications that your loved one struggles to manage their anger are:

  • They often call people hurtful names
  • They are impatient with other people or events
  • When something goes wrong, they blame everyone else
  • People go out of their way to avoid them
  • People tend to walk on eggshells to avoid setting off their temper, or they’re afraid to talk to you
  • They often criticize or belittle the people around them
  • They have a short temper, or they are irritable

So, not all angry episodes mean that a person needs anger management. But if there is a clear pattern of anger problems causing physical harm or abuse, and you feel that your loved one becomes aggressive at the drop of a hat, it’s definitely time to consider working with an anger management therapist.


If you’re hoping to learn more about anger management, you may also be asking, “What causes anger issues?” There are a variety of causes. For example, they could be struggling with substance abuse issues. Alcohol abuse can lead to anger issues, as they may not be in full control of their faculties. Alternatively, they could be suffering from a mental disorder. Bipolar disorder, OCD, and depression can all cause anger issues. Finally, they may be grieving. One of the stages of grief is anger. They may be struggling to handle all the emotions that they’re struggling with, and their anger is the most apparent one. 

At Harmony Bay, we offer a variety of therapies, in addition to anger management therapy including:

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