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How a Personality Disorder Therapist in Cherry Hill NJ Can Help You Recover

Nancy MacGregor MA, ATR-BC, LPC, ACS, Clinical Director

A personality disorder is a problem with a person’s mental health that can trigger a myriad of difficulties, including complications that may make their life nearly impossible to live. Personality disorder psychiatry is a relatively new field but is one that has become very beneficial for many. And by working with a personality disorder therapist Cherry Hill NJ can trust, you can walk away from this problem and regain a happy and healthy life.

Types of Personality Disorders

Before talking to a personality disorder therapist in Cherry Hill, NJ, you must know the three different clusters: Cluster A (odd or eccentric behaviors), Cluster B (dramatic or erratic behaviors), and Cluster C (anxious or fearful behaviors). Each of these clusters has a myriad of related problems that can make a person’s life very difficult to tolerate. A few of these disorders are listed below:

  • Cluster A – Schizoid Personality Disorder: causes a person to become introverted, withdrawn, and emotionally cold and distant; Paranoid Personality Disorder: makes a person interpret the actions of others as threatening towards them or dangerous; Schizotypal Personality Disorder: makes people very eccentric, outlandish, and unusual to others.
  • Cluster B – Antisocial Personality Disorder: those with this disorder ignore standard rules of social behavior and may act aggressive or disrespectful; Borderline Personality Disorder: creates volatile personal relations, moods, and actions; Narcissistic Personality Disorder: an exaggerated sense of self-importance that triggers a constant need for attention.
  • Cluster C – Avoidant Personality Disorder: makes people avoid social interaction and the criticism of others and can cause them to avoid many things in life; Dependent Personality Disorder: makes a person dependent on others to decide for them: Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: triggers a series of obsessive thoughts and behaviors about minor things.

A personality disorder psychiatrist can help to identify which of these problems affects you and give you the best chance of recovering. Often, personality disorder medication can help to calm these issues and make them easier to tolerate. However, personality disorder therapy can take on many forms.

How a Personality Disorder Therapist in Cherry Hill NJ Can Help

A personality disorder therapist Cherry Hill NJ can trust will provide you with a myriad of unique care options that can help you better understand yourself. These treatments include:

  • Psychotherapy that helps diagnose what is wrong
  • Medications that can calm some symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Behavior adjustments that help manage these issues
  • Aftercare that assesses your progress

Personality disorder therapy takes many forms because each disorder is different. For example, cognitive-behavioral therapy can help with schizotypal disorders, but a variation is necessary for borderline personality disorder. So talk to a personality disorder therapist in Cherry Hill, NJ, to learn more.

Help is Possible

Taking care of your mental health is just as important as taking care of your physical health. One way you do so is by reaching out to professionals to help you identify and address issues. If you, a loved one, friend, or family member may be struggling with a personality disorder finding the right help is key. Like any mental health issue, if it is left untreated it will worsen putting undue strain on relationships and causing the individual grief.

So, if you want the help of a personality disorder therapist Cherry Hill NJ can trust, please call [Direct] to contact us at Harmony Bay Wellness right away. We can provide many types of behavioral therapies that can adjust how you interact with the world. Our specialists are skilled at working on many types of behaviors and understand that each person is different with their needs. So please make the right choice and contact us.

Treatment with Harmony Bay

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