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Is My Loved One an Alcoholic?

Nancy MacGregor MA, ATR-BC, LPC, ACS, Clinical Director

You’re watching your loved one change. You’re worried about what’s happening. “Is my loved one an alcoholic?” It’s a question many people find themselves asking when they’re faced with a need to make changes. Alcoholism is a very real and worrisome condition. Yet, there is help available. At Harmony Bay Wellness, we offer the tools you need to protect the life of your loved one.

Is My Loved One an Alcoholic?

It’s not always easy to know if a person is using drugs or alcohol. Many people can work, go to school, and engage in daily life while using alcohol. That doesn’t mean they are healthy or safe. Take a look at some of the common signs of alcohol abuse disorder you may notice:

  • Poor coordination and limited ability to focus on tasks
  • Memory impairment, forgetting even simple things
  • Secretive behavior, often to hide alcohol use
  • Difficulty with tasks at work or home they used to do well
  • Aggressiveness if they can’t use
  • Denial about excessive alcohol use
  • The belief they can stop on their own

When you ask, “Is my loved one an alcoholic” and you see these signs, it’s time to find them the help they need. Call Harmony Bay Wellness for immediate help for your loved one.

When Is It Too Much Alcohol?

Perhaps your loved one stops for a drink after work each day. You may not see them drunk very often. You may even engage in drinking with them. Yet, there is a point where alcohol consumption becomes more commonly associated with alcohol abuse syndrome. There are risks to this occurring. Often, we can see this happen when an individual develops a tolerance to alcohol. When this happens, brain chemistry has become altered making the individual dependent upon alcohol to function properly.

Those who develop alcohol abuse are at a higher risk of complications from their use, such as engaging in reckless behavior or violent behavior. A person with an alcohol abuse disorder cannot just stop using. Their brain is wired to depend on alcohol. At the same time, they need to drink increasing amounts to achieve the same level of high. That can increase the risk of alcohol poisoning, a life-threatening condition.

Is My Loved One An Alcoholic? What Can Be Done About It?

Be empowered. Find the help you need at Harmony Bay Wellness. There are alcohol treatment programs available that can help your loved one. Each individual has a unique challenge in overcoming alcohol abuse. Therefore, we make sure we provide a range of therapeutic options. For instance, we offer treatment options, such as:

There’s no limit to getting your loved one help. Today can be the first day you feel confident in the future for your loved one. The key is recognizing they need help and finding the right treatment plan for their needs. They cannot do this on their own, but you can help your loved one to turn the page and get on track to recovery.

Find the Hope You Need at Harmony Bay Wellness

If you’re asking this question, “Is my loved one an alcoholic,” chances are good you already know they need immediate help. Fortunately, alcohol addiction is highly treatable. Your friends, loved ones, or family can get the treatment they need to heal and overcome alcohol abuse. Take a few minutes to step back and realize what getting help can mean for them. It can be life-changing. At Harmony Bay Wellness, we offer the tools and resources to help make that happen. Call [Direct] for immediate help.

Treatment with Harmony Bay

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