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OCD: Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment

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What is OCD?  

OCD is a common, chronic, long-term disorder whereby an individual has uncontrollable, recurring thoughts of a deep need to repeat particular behaviors over and over again. OCD impacts all areas of life and can be extremely debilitating. Oftentimes, someone will describe themselves as “a little bit OCD” and that is typically not well-received by the OCD community. A diagnosis is usually rendered once someone describes experiencing and engaging with these compulsions for at least more than one hour a day. Usual relief is received by trying SSRIs that increase the presence and functioning of serotonin in the brain alongside OCD specific therapy. It is important to note that OCD can be inherited genetically.  

How is it diagnosed?  

It is usually diagnosed by a therapist or a psychiatrist. OCD symptoms must be present with obsessive and compulsive behaviors. The behaviors typically get in the way of multiple different avenues of life.  

What does the best treatment look like?  

A combination of ERP (Exposure Response Prevention) and medication provides the best treatment. About 70% of people that try this form of treatment find success and relief from their OCD symptoms. OCD can be treated and return throughout one’s life and further ERP sessions may be needed. Clinics and ongoing support groups may be extremely helpful for those that suffer from OCD.  

What Disorders are related to OCD? 

  • Hoarding Disorder 
  • Body Dysmorphic Disorder  
  • Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors  
  • Misophonia  
  • Trichotillomania  
  • Excoriation  

Essential Facts About OCD:  

  1. There are at least 13 known themes found within OCD 
  1. Leonardo DiCaprio and Megan Fox have both been diagnosed with OCD 
  1. 1 in 40 adults in the United States is diagnosed with OCD 
  1. OCD is found to be more prevalent in well-developed countries 
  1. OCD impacts men and women equally across the population.  

How can Harmony Bay Help you?  

Harmony Bay has trained providers in CBT, ERP, and medical providers for medication management. If symptoms are too severe or medication resistant then in office TMS may be a great option. Call us at 856-454-3104 to schedule your intake today! 

Published on 3/27/2023 | Written by Harmony Bay

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