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When Should You Seek Out an OCD Therapist Camden NJ

Nancy MacGregor MA, ATR-BC, LPC, ACS, Clinical Director

Are you struggling with obsessive-compulsive disorder? A condition that impacts 2.2 million U.S. adults, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, OCD is not something you can control on your own. There is help available to you right here at Harmony Bay Wellness. We encourage you to reach out to our team today to learn more about your condition. With an OCD therapist Camden NJ residents can find the support they need to cope with their condition.

What Is OCD?

A full diagnosis of this condition happens when you meet with an OCD psychiatrist or OCD therapist. They will listen to you, talk to you about symptoms, and give you insight into what could be happening. People who have OCD generally display repetitive behaviors and actions. They have thoughts and habits that may not make sense to other people but are very real to them.

These repeated behaviors may not necessarily disrupt daily life. Sometimes they add the necessary structure an individual needs to cope with ordinary tasks as well as more serious issues. However, individuals with OCD can become too rigid in their thoughts and routines. When this occurs, treatment is needed to adjust the behaviors towards a more positive arch.

OCD therapy aims to help you to manage what you are experiencing. Often, individuals with OCD will display specific compulsive acts. When they do these acts, they feel some level of calmness or control. It can help to reduce stress. The ritualistic behavior – no matter what it is – may interfere with life, but not doing them can make it hard to get through that moment.

What Are OCD Symptoms?

Common symptoms of OCD include obsession symptoms specifically. This may include:

  • Fear of dirt or something becoming contaminated
  • Aggressive thoughts about losing control and harming others
  • Needing things to be very organized and symmetrical
  • Trouble tolerating any type of uncertain situation
  • Unwanted thoughts about aggression or sexual topics

Compulsion symptoms in OCD include:

  • Washing or cleaning
  • Following a very strict routine
  • Checking over and over again
  • Demanding reassurance numerous times
  • Orderliness

All of these issues can best be addressed and managed through mental health treatment at Harmony Bay Wellness. Also, it’s important to engage in productive therapy early to make sure individuals develop healthy coping strategies and avoid negative habits.

How Can an OCD Therapist Camden NJ Offer Help?

When you work with an OCD therapist in Camden, NJ, you will learn more about your condition and what steps you can take to manage it. OCD medication can help to even out some of the mental strife you’re struggling with as well. In OCD psychiatry, a good focus of the treatment is on helping you to manage your thoughts and actions in a healthy manner. Yet, every person’s needs are very different. That’s why customized help and attention to your needs is always our goal at Harmony Bay Wellness.

Your OCD therapist in Camden, NJ, will offer guidance specific to your situation during all of your OCD sessions.

What Are Other Services Available at Harmony Bay Wellness?

Harmony Bay Wellness, located in Southern New Jersey, provides a wide range of treatment options for our clients. If you are looking for an OCD therapist in Camden, NJ, our team can offer that to you close to home. We also offer additional treatment options, such as:

You don’t have to feel alone. Let our team offer the guidance you need with comprehensive OCD therapy and a trusted OCD therapist who can help you. Call [Direct] for help today.

Treatment with Harmony Bay

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