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Trauma Therapist Camden NJ

Nancy MacGregor MA, ATR-BC, LPC, ACS, Clinical Director

Trauma is a term used often, but many times without the right context. Trauma is a type of event or incident that creates a significant shift in the brain. Often, it is some type of event that leaves you fearing for your life or the wellbeing of another person. If you’ve experienced it, it’s always best to seek out a trauma therapist in Camden, NJ, to learn more about the treatment available to you. At Harmony Bay Wellness, we want you to know you can get through this.

We understand that individuals may have several questions about trauma and its treatment. With our extensive experience treating individuals struggling with mental health issues, we can address many and most of your concerns. When it comes to healing from trauma, educating oneself about how it develops, how to recognize its signs, and how professionals treat it can help individuals take the first steps towards addressing their issues.

How Does Trauma Develop?

Trauma is a type of mental health disorder. Post-traumatic stress disorder is one form of it. In these situations, some type of event triggered a change in your brain’s thinking processes. Often, you may experience this trauma yourself, or you may have witnessed it. It may involve sexual, physical, or emotional abuse. It may be wartime actions that created this change. Now, it creates uncontrollable thoughts about the event, often replaying in your mind.

If you’ve been exposed to trauma like this, it’s important to work with a trauma therapist in Camden, NJ, to help you learn how to get through it. Otherwise, it can impact your day-to-day functions and interfere with many areas of your life.

What Are Common Trauma Symptoms?

When you work with a trauma therapist, he or she will talk to you about common symptoms you may have. In trauma psychiatry, we want to understand what’s happened and what you’re experiencing without making you relive those events. Symptoms may include:

  • Intrusive memories, often recurrent memories that make you relive the traumatic event
  • Avoidance of talking about or thinking about the event
  • Avoiding places, people, or activities related to it
  • Feelings of helplessness about the future
  • Negative thoughts about yourself
  • Physical and emotional reactions including trouble sleeping, concentrating, feeling guilt or shame, and self-destructive behavior
  • Using alcohol or drugs to hide the trauma

What’s Involved in Trauma Therapy?

When you meet with a trauma therapist near Camden, NJ, you will learn more about the treatment options available to you. Trauma therapy often includes individual counseling and changes in thinking behaviors. Trauma medication can be used to help give you some peace of mind. You’ll also learn how to disassociate the trauma from the people and places around you. At every stage of treatment, our counselors and therapists will craft therapeutic programs to address your specific needs.

What Are My Next Steps in Getting Trauma Help?

If you’re seeking a trauma therapist in Camden, NJ, Harmony Bay Wellness will provide you with the services you need. It’s always beneficial to turn to the best trauma therapy available in New Jersey. Our team is dedicated to providing this level of care to our clients. You’ll work with a team that understands what you’re facing and can create a clear, positive way forward for your future. We offer a wide range of trauma therapy options, including:

You’re ready to face what’s happened to you and create a new way forward for yourself. Let your trauma psychiatrist at Harmony Bay Wellness guide you. Call [Direct] to learn more about the treatment plans available.

Treatment with Harmony Bay

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