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When to Seek a Bipolar Disorder Therapist

Nancy MacGregor MA, ATR-BC, LPC, ACS, Clinical Director

At Harmony Bay Wellness, we understand the importance of finding the right bipolar disorder therapist to give you the help you need to manage your symptoms. We provide therapeutic interventions for residents of Lawnside, NJ, and the surrounding towns, making it easier to receive bipolar disorder psychiatry, medication, and therapy. As you learn about your diagnosis, you get the support you deserve to deal with your symptoms. Bipolar disorder can be complex, and an experienced therapist can help you uncover what triggers your symptoms to better control.

The Basics of Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder used to be called manic-depression, but it is now a disorder divided up into three types. Bipolar I is diagnosed when you have clear manic episodes that last a week or more or when your mania is so bad that you need hospital attention. You might also experience depressive episodes when diagnosed with bipolar I. Bipolar II is diagnosed when the manic episodes are not as long or severe enough to require hospitalization. Cyclothymic disorder is the third type of bipolar disorder. This is diagnosed when you have long periods of depression or mania, two years or more in adults, that do not meet bipolar I or bipolar II criteria. No matter your diagnosis, it is important to get professional help when you are not feeling well.

When It’s Time to See a Bipolar Disorder Therapist

Bipolar disorder therapy is recommended as an ongoing way to manage your diagnosis. Your personal relationships will be stronger when you work with a therapist to help you deal with the symptoms of bipolar disorder. Therapy will help you learn how to identify your triggers so that you can better manage your moods. It is time to see a bipolar disorder therapist when:

  • Your relationships are suffering because of your diagnosis.
  • You feel manic or depressed, and you don’t know what to do.
  • You are considering medication but don’t have a bipolar disorder psychiatrist.
  • Your life is becoming unmanageable because of your symptoms.
  • You feel like giving up.

A therapist will be there to give you the professional support you need to get through a tough episode of mania or depression. Together you will talk about your symptoms and develop a treatment plan that works for you. As you progress in treatment, it will get easier to figure out what is going on and what works to ease your symptoms. When you are diagnosed with bipolar disorder, there is never a wrong time to seek a qualified therapist’s help.

What Bipolar Disorder Can Look Like

As there are three types of bipolar disorder, the diagnosis can look different for everyone. The types correlate with the severity of symptoms. You might experience significant mood swings, going from mania to depression without any clear cause. It may feel like you have no control over your emotions or that you can’t balance your life. If you are diagnosed with bipolar disorder, treatment can make a big difference. With the right therapy and possibly medication, you will get your life back from bipolar disorder. You can overcome the symptoms, but you have to reach out for the help you deserve.

Find a Bipolar Disorder Therapist Now

If you are struggling with the symptoms of bipolar disorder, therapy can make a big difference in your life. At Harmony Bay Wellness near Lawnside, NJ, we provide a range of treatment options to give you the care you want when dealing with mental health issues. Whether you need bipolar disorder medication with the help of a psychiatrist, or you want to learn new strategies to balance your mood, we can help you get the support you deserve. Contact us today at [Direct] and find out your choices regarding your mental health.

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