managing anxiety during COVID-19

5 Ways to Manage Anxiety During COVID-19

Many of us are having difficulty managing anxiety during COVID-19. Some are worried about bills due because of unemployment. Others are essential employees anxious about bringing the coronavirus home. But no matter who you are, COVID-19 has brought with it an increase in anxiety and a sense of uncertainty. While anxiety is a normal emotion,…

student looking at papers coping with anxiety

School’s Out: Coping with Anxiety While Classrooms are Closed

The COVID-19 pandemic has left students and educators alike barred from entering classrooms. We do this to adhere to social distancing guidelines and slow the spread of the deadly virus. However, while beneficial to overall physical safety in our education system, it brings its own set of stressors. For instance, college students, in particular, face…

man wondering what causes depression

What Causes Depression?

Depression is the most common mental health issue individuals will face in their life. Whether it’s experiencing depressive disorders themselves or helping a friend, family member, or loved one through it, depression impacts millions of individuals every year. Therefore, it makes sense to wonder what causes depression. Unfortunately, there is no clear-cut, simple answer. Instead,…

doctor explaining to older patient medication assisted treatment services

Medication Assisted Treatment Services

Overcoming addiction or substance use disorder is a challenge. For some kinds of substance abuse, like opioids, medication-assisted treatment, or MAT, is necessary. This treatment uses medications, along with counseling, to treat an individual’s addiction and prevent relapse. Typically, professionals use medication-assisted treatment as a means of dealing with opioid addiction from prescription painkillers or…