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Taking the First Step: Advice on Asking for Help 

  Acknowledge That Help is Needed  Acknowledging that there is something in need of healing is the first step toward asking for help. Self-awareness is an essential component of the healing process when navigating mental health. Make sure that you take time out of your day to reflect on emotions that you have been feeling…

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Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

generalized anxiety disorder

  What is Anxiety?   Has your worrying grown out of control? How do you know if it is normal or has developed into generalized anxiety disorder? Anxiety, to some extent, is normal and occurs for almost everyone in the general population. However, it becomes more serious when it becomes more difficult to control. When…

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Healthy Habits to Try If You’re Struggling with Seasonal Depression 

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  Seasonal Depression, or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), is very different than just having the “winter time blues.”  It is normal to experience feeling a little more down during the colder months.  Seasonal Depression can be very debilitating and is a diagnosable Major Depressive Disorder with seasonal patterns.  It is usually triggered by the change…

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Signs That You and Your Partner Need Couples Counseling 

couple not in good terms

Couples counseling is a unique sphere that exists within the world of psychotherapy in order to help relationships, partnerships, marriages, co-parenting, and other pairings. As with most of the world of counseling- couples therapy creates a unique environment and holds many of the same stigmas other types of therapy hold. More often than not, people…

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How to Support Your Partner While They are Struggling with Mental Health 

couple walking on a dry grass land

    Mental health is a topic that affects a lot of people. Couples in a relationship are not sure of what to do when their partner is struggling with mental health and or showing mental health symptoms, particularly depression and anxiety. Partners in a relationship could have a negative or positive impact on each…

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How to Let go of Negative Thought Patterns in a Relationship

partners learning to let go of negative thought patterns

There are many different things that can destroy a great relationship. Although cheating may be the first thing that comes to mind, experts say negative thinking or overthinking can ruin relationship easier than anything else. To maintain a healthy relationship, it is important to take notice of your unhealthy habits and behaviors such as negative…

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Do We Need Marriage Counseling?

A couple talks to a friend and ask him

Maybe you just got married a little over six months ago, or maybe you’ve been married for over 20 years. For a while, you seemed to have your perfect fairy tale ending. However, that quickly gave way to bickering and, sometimes, straight-up fighting. Often times, this can call into question whether or not this marriage…

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Benefits of Marriage Counseling

a husband and wife hold hands as they discuss the benefits of marriage counseling with a therapist

Ask anyone who has ever been married, and they’ll assure you that a successful marriage takes hard work. It’s not just about two people who live together. That’s hard enough. However, when you throw kids, finances, and family members in the mix, marriage can be a daunting challenge. Therefore, if you are struggling to make…

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