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The days of “til death do us part” are flying past us. While the marriage rate in the United States is 6.9 per 1,000, the CDC reports that divorce rates are 2.9 per thousand. However, hope is not lost. If you want to take action to save your marriage, you may consider getting marriage counseling services. Psychology Today reports that marriage counseling is helpful about 75% of the time. At Harmony Bay, our marriage counseling in New Jersey can help you protect and strengthen your marriage. However, therapy is not only beneficial for married couples, but for all couples! 

What is Marriage and Couples Therapy? 

Marriage counseling services are essentially a form of therapy. They help couples understand each other. They are also successful in resolving conflicts and easing tensions. The marriage counseling in South Jersey provides you and your partner with tools and resources to negotiate your differences, solve mutual problems, and become better communicators. 

Human beings are designed to yearn for connection, love and relationships. Relationships can be rewarding, yet challenging as they progress. Differing values, beliefs, and cultural or spiritual implications can cause strain and challenges within the relationship. Mental health and substance abuse concerns can further damage a couple and the relationship that has been built.

Couples and marriage therapy is a type of psychotherapy where a trained clinician works with a couple. Couples counseling focuses on the relational dynamics between the couple. Some of the most common reasons to seek couples counseling include disagreements over finances, parenting styles, and sex or intimacy. Couples counseling is different than individual counseling. The clinician will meet with the couple together on mutually agreed upon goals rather than each person within the couple separately.

Who Might Need Marriage Counseling in New Jersey? 

Dissatisfaction with your marriage can attack any couple, no matter the race, social class, or sexuality. However, some signs indicate that you and your partner may benefit from marriage counseling services. These signs include:

  1. Poor communication: If you’re having trouble communicating with your partner, it’s hard to stay positive about your relationship. Communication is the key to understanding your partner’s desires and needs, as well as their outlook on life and their feelings. If your communication tends to bring up feelings of pain and insecurity, that is an indication that you and your spouse have a failure to communicate. One of the tools that your counselor will assist you with is restructuring the lines of communication. 
  2. Unfaithfulness: The second sign that it’s time for marriage counseling services is if one or both members of the relationship has been unfaithful. If this is the case, you need to work with a marriage counselor to figure out what the commitment of marriage means to both of you. It may also be a time to evaluate whether the infidelity has led to doubts in the relationship or a reluctance to sustain it.  
  3. Playing the part: If you’re only with your partner because it is convenient, socially appropriate, or better for your socioeconomic advancement, you’re likely play-acting the role of a happily married couple. Your day to day interactions have nothing to do with love or a desire to be with your partner. If you’re playing the part, it may be time to work with a therapist to evaluate your marriage. 


According to the American Psychological Association (APA), couples counseling is effective for over 75% of couples in the United States. Couples counseling has been found to provide many therapeutic benefits to couples. Some benefits include:

  • Healthier and more effective communication with your partner
  • Increased feelings of connection with your partner
  • Establishment of healthier boundaries with your partner
  • Effectively working through any challenges with trust or resentment with your partner
  • Processing difficult emotions and feelings with your partner


The first few sessions of couples therapy may be geared towards establishing a relationship with the clinician. Couples counseling may involve disclosing private and sensitive information. It is important to be able to trust and feel safe and connected with the clinician. As a relationship is established and built, the clinician may begin collecting information and insight into the couple’s past. The clinician may assist the couple in identifying difficulties and challenges within the relationship and goals the couple wants to achieve.

If you and your loved one are looking to strengthen your relationship, couples counseling at Harmony Bay may be the right fit. Our clinicians are trained to provide individualized and compassionate couples counseling.


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