Physical abuse is a form of abuse that can be characterized by any physical injury or threat of physical injury imposed by one person to another. Regardless of the severity of the injury, physical abuse is traumatic. In fact, people who have experienced physical abuse oftentimes experience challenges with seeking mental health treatment and support. Thus, Harmony Bay Wellness offers Physical Abuse Therapy.

Physical abuse can occur in many forms. For example, instances of physical abuse include:

  • Kicking, punching, slapping, choking or grabbing
  • Having physical objects thrown towards you
  • Inflicting burn wounds
  • Being physically restrained
  • Reckless driving/limiting freedom

If you or someone you know is struggling a physical abuse treatment center can help them realize they are not alone.

What Are Common Symptoms of Physical Abuse?

Woman cries in Physical Abuse TherapyThe signs of physical abuse may seem obvious, but a lot of victims will try to cover up the physical signs of abuse due to their fear of the abuser or shame about the abuse. For example, signs and symptoms of physical abuse include:

  • Wearing clothes to cover injuries
  • Recurrent burns or injuries
  • Refusal of undressing
  • Fear of help from others
  • Social withdrawal and isolation
  • Depression

What Happens in Physical Abuse Therapy?

Many types of treatments exist when treating individuals affected by physical abuse. Often, the most effective treatment plan may include a combination of multiple therapeutic approaches. For example, therapy for physical abuse may include:

  • Counseling: Both individual counseling and group therapy can be beneficial for those experiencing depression. Personal counseling allows the individual to develop a close relationship with his/her therapist. This relationship may allow him/her to open up about painful or private topics. Group therapy, on the other hand, provides exposure to peers who may be experiencing the same challenges.
  • Behavioral Therapy: Behavioral therapy techniques can be very effective for those struggling to process painful experiences. Cognitive behavioral therapy and related approaches can help a depressed individual identify and change negative thought and behavior patterns.

What Are The Next Steps to Getting Help?

It can be very difficult to watch a loved one suffer from experiences of physical abuse. In addition to guiding your loved one to an expert physical abuse treatment center in NJ, you can be a great help simply by lending a supportive shoulder and a listening ear.

Harmony Bay Wellness behavioral health services exist to provide professional support. Our professionals are dedicated to not only helping all clients live productive lives, but they’re also advocates for reversing the stigma of mental illness in the country. We are also proud to provide a variety of mental health treatment services in South Jersey to give our patients the care and support they need and deserve.

Our diverse mental health treatments include:

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