Strong families start with strong marriages, and couples therapy can help. If you and your significant other are facing conflict, reach out to Harmony Bay Wellness. Our trained counselors in our couples therapy program can help you work through your differences so you can learn to love and support each other. This is just one of our many holistic mental health treatment programs at Harmony Bay Wellness.

a couple sitting down together at a couples therapy programFREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT COUPLES THERAPY

What Is Couples Therapy?

Dating, engaged, and married couples all will face periods of struggle and conflict. Part of learning to love each other well is learning how to work through these conflicts. Yet there are times when the methods you try simply are not working. That’s where a couple’s therapy program can help.

In couples therapy, South Jersey couples can learn important skills for setting boundaries and resolving conflicts. They learn how to appreciate each other’s differences and support each other’s dreams and goals. They can also work through negative tendencies, such as tempers and destructive behavior. The end goal of our couples therapy program is to build safe, supportive relationships between two loving adults.

Couples typically attend couples therapy together. The therapist gives each one a chance to talk and discuss what is happening. Then, the therapist will dig in to find relational patterns and emotional struggles that need addressing. The couple then works with the therapist to learn new strategies and behaviors to support one another positively.

Couples therapy is beneficial for all types of couples. It not only works for married couples, but also dating, committed, and engaged couples. This type of therapy can resolve current problems or keep problems from getting worse. Also, it can help happy couples ensure there are continuing to provide the right love and support. Finally, couples therapy can help couples work through times of crisis.

How Do Couples Therapy Programs Help?

According to research, the average couple is unhappy for six years before seeking the help of a couples therapy program. This means the behaviors and thinking patterns that are causing negative emotions have become deeply ingrained by the time most reach out for help.

Couples therapy helps couples in many ways. Some of the benefits you may enjoy as a result of our couples therapy program include:

  • Improved intimacy, both physical and emotional
  • Better collaboration as you parent children
  • Increased ability to manage stress
  • More positive communication
  • Learning how to address differences and conflicts respectfully
  • Knowing to work through disputes
  • Adjusting to a major transition within the relationship

Taking the step to seek couples therapy does not mean your relationship is bad. It simply means you both have a strong commitment to making it the best possible relationship for you and your family. If you are feeling a lack of connection or simply want to make your interactions more positive, our couples therapy program is a good place to start.

What Are Other Therapies Available to Couples at Harmony Bay Wellness?

At Harmony Bay Wellness, we offer a long list of holistic mental health treatment programs that can help couples and individuals with their mental health needs. If you find yourself struggling mentally or emotionally, we have a team that is ready to assist. You can trust our team to provide help with a wide range of mental health services, including:

If you are looking for couples therapy in South Jersey, reach out to our experienced counseling team at Harmony Bay Wellness at 855.765.6399 today.