COVID-19 Impact on the Mental Health of Essential Business Workers

During the COVID-19 pandemic, essential business workers have been experiencing elevated anxiety. Grocery store workers have been working endlessly to re-stock shelves, but with this comes a risk of infection from the virus. Customers are flocking the stores and filling their shopping carts with food and bringing their germs in with them. The risk of…


The Stages of Grief in the Time of COVID-19

In 1969, Kubler-Ross authored the 5 stages of grief that we are all familiar with when it comes to loss. Over 50 years later, during this time of COVID-19, they can provide us with a good framework for better understanding our emotional experience as we move through this global crisis and navigate these unprecedented times.…

Essential Healthcare workers share how YOU can help support them

Healthcare workers share how YOU can help support them during COVID-19

I interviewed several frontline essential healthcare workers willing to talk to me candidly about their experiences – two RNs (registered nurses), an APN (advance practice nurse), a hospital administrator, and a mental health counselor. Based on these interviews, here is what we need to know, and what we need to do, to support our COVID-19…


What is Telehealth Therapy?

Have you thought about trying out telehealth therapy services? The popularity of telehealth is rising in all areas of medicine. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), telehealth, also known as online therapy, is a health care service that uses telecommunications and virtual technology to deliver health care outside of traditional health care facilities. This…

managing anxiety during COVID-19

5 Ways to Manage Anxiety During COVID-19

Many of us are having difficulty managing anxiety during COVID-19. Some are worried about bills due because of unemployment. Others are essential employees anxious about bringing the coronavirus home. But no matter who you are, COVID-19 has brought with it an increase in anxiety and a sense of uncertainty. While anxiety is a normal emotion,…