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Prescription Drug Abuse Therapy

Prescription drugs are medications prescribed by a medical doctor to alleviate unwanted symptoms. In recent years, prescription drugs have become more widely prescribed and abused. In addition, prescription drug abuse can include taking more medication(s) than prescribed, taking multiple different medication(s), or mixing prescription drugs with other substances, which can increase the effects of the medication. The most common prescription drugs abused are the following:

  • Opioids which are used to treat and alleviate pain
  • Stimulants which are often prescribed to treat attention and hyperactivity difficulties
  • Depressants which are used to treat anxiety and sleep problems



Speech may be slow or difficult to understand due to the brain and body communication is slowed down.

In addition, prescription drug addiction can impact various areas of life, including quality of relationships, ability to focus on school and go to work, and ability to have a meaningful and happy life. Also, prescription drug abuse, if untreated, can be life-threatening.


Prescription drug abuse, as with other addictions, can be treated with group and individual therapy services. Harmony Bay Wellness offers outpatient group and individual therapy. These therapies will help clients develop insight into the causes of their drug abuse and the negative impact it is having on their life. In addition, therapy services also prioritize identifying ways to self-soothe, alleviate discomfort and maintain their recovery without the prescription drug(s).



When looking for the best prescription drug abuse treatments, look no further than Harmony Bay. Our professionals are dedicated to not only helping all clients lead productive lives, but they're also advocates for reversing the stigma of mental illness in the country. We are proud to provide various mental health treatment services to give our patients the care and support they need and deserve.

Our diverse mental health treatments include:

Don't let prescription drug abuse disrupt your or your loved one's life. Call Harmony Bay Wellness today at 855.765.6399. We look forward to helping you.

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