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3 Signs of OCD in a Loved One

Nancy MacGregor MA, ATR-BC, LPC, ACS, Clinical Director

Many times, people who have obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) cannot communicate with you about what’s happening to them. Sometimes, they may be unable even to try to open up the conversation. They may not understand what’s happening to them, either. That’s why it is so important for you to know when to get your loved one in to see an OCD therapist near Moorestown, NJ. Our team at Harmony Bay Wellness can help you do that.

Does Your Loved One Need to See an OCD Therapist Near Mooretown, NJ?

This is not an easy discussion to have with a person. Yet, it may be life-changing if they can benefit from OCD psychiatry. Imagine being able to give your loved one the support and guidance they need through one of the most difficult times of their life. Consider these signs of OCD. Working with an OCD therapist may be very valuable to those with these signs.

Fear of Losing Control

For many people who may benefit from OCD therapy, the underlying cause or concern is a fear of losing control. They fear that if they lose control, something will happen to them or someone they love. They may fear they may make bad decisions or that some bad outcome will occur if they do lose control. In some individuals, this can limit what they are willing to do or how they do things.

Fear of Losing What They Have

Others who may benefit from OCD therapy have a fear of losing whatever it is that they have. This could be relationships, but it is often their home or possessions. They fear that if they do not do things in the right manner, they will lose it. Other times, they obsess over the risk of losing something. They worry that no matter what they do, they will lose that person, place, or thing. It becomes controlling over their mind and thoughts.

Constant Images and Thoughts

Many people who need to work with an OCD psychiatrist also have very vibrant or intense images and thoughts in their mind. Sometimes, they are focused on sexually explicit behaviors or thoughts. Other times, it may be violent images or thoughts. Sometimes, a person with OCD can also become focused on moral ideas or religious views. They may talk about these things all of the time or may live their life on specific beliefs.

What Can Be Done if Your Loved One Needs an OCD Psychiatrist?

It is clear that many people who need OCD psychiatry do not always know they need it, or they may not recognize what is happening to them. That is why it can be helpful for you to embrace this topic with them. It is hard to convince them that OCD medication or OCD therapy can make things easier for them – some may even believe this to be a bad move with negative consequences for them. Yet, getting them in to see an OCD psychiatrist can be a primary goal of a family member who wants to support them.

At Harmony Bay Wellness, we offer a range of treatment programs to support these needs. We aim to work closely with you to ensure your love done is getting the care they need through programs such as:

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