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Receive Treatment from an ADHD Therapist Near Berlin NJ

Nancy MacGregor MA, ATR-BC, LPC, ACS, Clinical Director

Many children and some adults suffer from attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Common traits exhibited by patients treated for ADHD include difficulty focusing, excessive movements in setting that doesn’t call for them, and impulsive behavior. At Harmony Bay Wellness, our ADHD therapists near Berlin, NJ, offer people the chance to manage their disorder.

Find out more about how ADHD treatment at our facility could help you or a loved one regain control and live a better life.

What Causes ADHD?

Researchers have yet to find an apparent cause of ADHD. However, some factors could contribute to its development. Those include genetics, the environment of individuals, and even issues within a person’s central nervous system as they develop.

People with blood relatives who also have ADHD may be at higher risk of developing the disorder. Toxins like lead in a person’s environment, drug use by a mother during fetal development, or premature birth may also heighten an individual’s chances of having ADHD at some point.

Treatment by an ADHD therapist near Berlin, NJ, can help teach patients to manage ADHD in daily life. Harmony Bay Wellness provides access to some of the best ADHD treatment specialists in the area.

What Are Some Common ADHD Symptoms?

How ADHD manifests differs among people depending on the type. They could have inattentive ADHD, hyperactive/impulsive ADHD, or a combination of both. An ADHD therapist should diagnose the disorder near Berlin, NJ. Typical symptoms they may look for during an evaluation include:

  • An inability to pay attention at school or work
  • Problem with organization or time management
  • Continually losing things important to completing tasks
  • Easily distracted by external stimuli
  • Appears not to pay attention during conversations
  • Fails to complete assigned chores or other tasks
  • Constantly tapping hands or feet
  • Not able to sit quietly in most circumstances
  • Impatient when asked to wait their turn
  • Constantly interrupting others
  • Takes or uses people’s things without permission

What Does an ADHD Treatment Program Involve?

Once you receive a workup from an ADHD therapist near Berlin, NJ, you’ll receive a treatment plan suited to your condition. Harmony Bay Wellness believes in treating the individual and not forcing everyone into the same treatment box.

Most treatment programs for ADHD involve a combination of different group and individual ADHD therapies. The goal is to educate people about their condition. They also learn tools to help improve focus and the retention of information. Individual sessions typically focus on helping you set goals and practicing the tools learned in therapy to apply to real life.

Some patients benefit from ADHD medication for their condition. Feel free to ask about our medication management program and how you might benefit. You can meet with an ADHD psychiatrist to provide helpful medications for managing symptoms. Both ADHD psychiatry and therapy sessions can improve the control you have over your life.

What Are The Next Steps For Getting Help With ADHD?

If you believe you or a loved one may have ADHD, you could benefit significantly from treatment by an ADHD therapist near Berlin, NJ. Below are some of the many mental health treatment programs available through Harmony Bay Health:

  • Mental health therapy: There are numerous therapies our counselors and therapists use to help individuals address their issues such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and various holistic therapies that look to treat an individual’s mind, body, and spirit.
  • Intensive outpatient therapy: Sometimes, individuals know they need treatment and therapy to address their mental health issues, but they can’t commit to a residential program. IOP allows for individuals still to meet their work, school, or family commitments while delivering a condensed form of treatment on a timeframe that works best for the individual.
  • Full evaluation for psychiatric treatment: Through our various evaluations, we can determine not just what therapeutic plan would work best but what issues a client is dealing with.

Start receiving treatment from an ADHD therapist near Berlin, NJ, today by calling [Direct] or contacting us online.

Treatment with Harmony Bay

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