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Anxiety Treatment in Times of Uncertainty

Nancy MacGregor MA, ATR-BC, LPC, ACS, Clinical Director

Anxiety is not easy to deal with on any given day, much less during times of uncertainty in the world. Whether things are unstable due to an economic recession, an election year, a pandemic, or changes in social expectations, taking a hit to the stability of your daily life can bring about worsened bouts of anxiety. The same is true for those dealing with depression, suicidal thoughts, drug abuse, or alcohol abuse.

Harder times in general mean a harder time dealing with these issues. Feelings of isolation or unsustainable expectations make anxiety therapy a top priority for these individuals, and if this is you, getting help from someone who understands can make a world of difference. Harmony Bay Wellness’s telehealth service can help you or a loved one during this trying time.


The Center for Disease Control (CDC) acknowledges that stress and anxiety are worse during times of uncertainty, such as during an infectious disease outbreak. While not everyone will react the same way, certain people are at higher risk for increased anxiety during this time. If you are in one of these groups, you should continue any anxiety therapy you might have been previously getting:

  • Those at higher risk of getting sick, such as the elderly or people with pre-existing conditions
  • Children or teens that might not understand what’s going on
  • Those on the front lines that are responsible for helping, such as health care providers and first responders
  • People who have existing mental health conditions or problems with substance use

No matter what group you fall into, your anxiety symptoms can be worsened during times of uncertainty. These include:

  • Worrying about your health and the health of your loved ones
  • Changes in eating, sleep, and other habits/patterns
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Worsening of chronic health problems
  • Increase in the likelihood of alcohol, tobacco, or drug use/abuse


Dealing with anxiety at any point in your life can be hard. When something out of your control occurs, like a pandemic, that anxiety can increase ten-fold. Being required to work from home or stay inside can feel isolating. Many people will want to hide from the news, sleep through it, or deal with it by stress-eating or abusing substances like drugs and alcohol. These coping mechanisms can lead to worsened mental health states, such as depression or thoughts of suicide.

The World Health Organization (WHO) put out a guide on how different groups can handle the uncertainty of a pandemic so that it lessens the effects of mental health issues such as anxiety. Some tips for coping include the following:

  • Stay informed, but don’t obsess
  • Focus on the things you can control
  • Stay connected, even when physically separated
  • Take care of yourself both physically and mentally
  • Help others where you can


Getting help for your anxiety is another critical component of handling any uncertainty you face. If you can’t make it to your therapist, there are still ways to continue with your anxiety therapy. Teletherapy is an excellent option for some. There are also apps that can be utilized that help with calming, meditation, and relaxation. Texting with a friend you trust is another option. Our programs at Harmony Bay Wellness can help with anxiety and are a good place to start.


If you are feeling overwhelmed and struggling with loneliness, thoughts of suicide, depression, or anxiety, it’s important to seek help. Harmony Bay Wellness is here for you. So If you’re wondering if there’s a therapist or psychiatrist near Voorhees NJ, reach out today. No matter how you combat your stress, finding the right anxiety therapy will go a long way to keeping you happy and healthy, even during these uncertain times. So reach out to us today at [Direct].

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